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Amy's Road Trip

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I recently read some stories about guys masturbating in cars. Well, you guys aren't the only ones who like to masturbate behind the wheel!

This story took place about 17 years ago. I was working in a town seven hours from my parents. It was July, and I had promised to drive home to visit my parents as it was Mom's birthday. I had planned out everything so perfectly.

I had been quite horny that week, and decided I'd get off work on Friday, run home and have a nice masturbation session for a couple of hours, then hit the road, getting in about 2am, not too horribly late. I'd even laid out some sex toys in the living room and put one of my favorite fuck flicks in the VCR before heading to work.

Unfortunately the shit hit the fan at the office, and I wound up staying quite late to finish a bunch of insurance paperwork (I worked in a hospital in administration). I ran home and stripped down, getting out of my uniform (even though I was in administration I still had to wear a uniform). I stood looking longingly at my sex toys, and decided a quicky wouldn't hurt.

I turned on the movie and fast forwarded to one of my favorite scenes, a big hunky guy with a cute, slightly chubby brunette. As I watched them go at it I grabbed my vibrator, turned it on high and held it against my clit. Ooh nice. My pussy was sopping wet, so it slid in easily and I quickly fucked myself to an orgasm.

Only mildly satisfied, I put on an old t-shirt and pair of shorts. It was hot out, I didn't want to wear anything I didn't have to, and that included underwear. This late I figured no one but perhaps a gas station clerk would see me anyway. I turned off the TV, gave a last longing look at my toys, and headed out the door suitcase in hand.

The first four hours of my trip were uneventful, I only stopped once to fill up my gas tank and grab a snack, including one of those 55 gallon size fountain sodas. After four hours I got off the interstate, from here it was all two lane country roads through farm land until I got to my folks house.

Another hour down the road I was feeling the need to pee, I guess the large soda wasn't such a hot idea after all. The few stores I passed had long since closed, as it was just after 2 am. Out in the middle of no where, I spotted a dirt road that went into a farmers field, with a big clump of bushes near the gate. Perfect!

By now I was squirming badly. I pulled in behind the bushes and turned off the car. I was barefoot, having kicked off my sandals many miles ago and didn't bother to put them back on. I opened the door and slipped out of the car. My intention was to drop my shorts and squat down, but I only got as far as dropping my shorts when I started to let go. I squatted quickly and finished my business, but not before getting my thin white shorts wet.

I was able to clean up with some tissues I had in the car, but really didn't want to put wet shorts back on. I was pretty sure I'd be safe, so I stepped out of them and tossed them on the seat beside me, and sat back down in the car, naked from the waist down. As I started out I thought of it more as a matter of practicality then something naughty, but as I continued driving I got hornier and hornier.

Setting the cruise control I couldn't resist spreading my legs and alternate between touching my pussy or reaching my hand under my shirt to play with my braless D cups. I think I gave myself a few little orgasms, but not what I really needed.

By now it was close to four in the morning, and I was oh maybe 20 minutes from my parents home. I knew the area quite well, my uncle owned the land all around and it was farmed by my various cousins. I was horny as hell, and knew this would be my last chance for relief before I got back to my apartment.

I turned into one of his fields and drove to the end of the dirt road I knew well, parking beside some trees. Turning off the car I leaned my seat back and spread my legs wide. I love to suck on my tits while I play with myself, so I removed my shirt to give total access.

Naked, I rammed my fingers into my wet cunt, remembering the hot fuck scene I'd watched on the TV earlier that evening. I imagined the porn studs big thick cock plowing my pussy as my hand worked 3 fingers in and over my cunt. My nipple was rock hard in my mouth as I gently sucked and nibbled on it. I could feel it getting closer and closer then... oh yeah! I let out a loud cry as the big orgasm I'd been needing swept through my pussy. Damn that felt good!

I laid there for a minute, enjoying the afterglow and sucking my copious juices off my fingers (yum!). I suddenly realized I needed to pee again. I stepped out of the car, not bothering with my clothes. I squatted beside the front wheel and once again took care of business, this time though I was able to be a bit more controlled and not get it all over me. For whatever reason I got all tingly, and couldn't resist running my finger over my clitty when I was done.

It felt so good I stood and leaned back against the car, legs spread wide. I fingered myself, working my clit while my other hand pinched at my nipples. I was quickly rewarded with another nice orgasm, just the dessert I needed.

After my breathing returned to normal, I got my clothes on and finished the drive to Mom and Dads. When I got in the car Sunday afternoon I noticed it smelled a lot like my pussy, which got me worked up for when I got home, but that's another story.



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