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Amy's Pool Party

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I had my own private pool party. Would love to hear of your fun in the pool...


Back when I was dating the man who would become my husband, I was living in an unusual apartment complex. It was supposed to be a resort style complex, and had fake palm trees and swimming pools all over the place. Of course, that was 30 years ago when it was first built, since that time it had gone downhill quite a bit. Several of the smaller pools had actually been closed, most folks gathered at one of the two huge pools in the center of the complex.

Although a bit run down, it was affordable, and between my building and the next was one of the smaller pools. Rarely used, I enjoyed it because it was very private and I was almost always alone.

A sign said it closed at dark, and sometimes (usually on the weekends, rarely on a weekday) the maintenace guy would come lock the gate. What most folks didn't realize though was if you walked through the enclosed stairwell at the end of my building and emerged out the back, there was a smaller gate that led into the same pool area. This was the entrance I usually used, and it was never locked.

I mention this because I used to have some enjoyable times in the pool. About an hour after dark, 9 pm or so, I would slip into the pool for a late night swim. Several people did this on the weekends, but I was almost always the only one there during the week.

The lights in the pool didn't work at all, and there was only one light still working in the patio area, near the front gate, so it was possible to swim in relative privacy. Especially since the pool was built uphill from the parking area, and there were no windows on the ends of either building.

Sorry if I ramble, but the point is there was a lot of privacy after dark. Now, most of you ladies have probably figured out where this is going. Yes indeed, there was a nice spot near the deep end (which was only six feet deep) where a powerful jet pulsed.

I would float over to the jet, and pull the crotch of my one piece swimsuit aside. That wonderful jet would blast away at my clitty, oh heavenly! Often I would slide my top down just a little, letting my tits float free. I love playing with them or sucking them during masturbation. And let me assure you I always had a powerful orgasm from that happy little jet!

I only got caught once in all the times I did it. I had just finished up, and was floating gently toward the shallow end when I heard the gate squeak. I looked up to see another lady coming in. I had seen her before, but didn't know her name. She was probably in her sixties, plump with those big granny hooties. She was wearing a dark green suit, and gently slid into the water.

She apologized for disturbing me. 'That's OK, I was done anyway.'

'I know.' she said. 'I waited for you to get done before I came in.' I guess I must have turned beet red from embarassment, because before I could say anything she said 'Oh don't worry about it sweetie. Hell, I'm here for the same reason.'

'Well then...' I sort of stumbled over my words... 'I uh, guess I'll leave you to it.'

'Suit yourself.' she said, floating over to the jet. 'You don't have to leave on my account.' I watched as she spread her legs in front of the jet, and was in no doubt of what she was up to.

I thought about staying, but decided I didn't know how far she might want to go so chickened out and got out of the water. I didn't really want to bother her, but my keys and towel were on the chair close to the jet so I had to go right by her to get them.

'Good night.' she moaned at me.

After picking up my stuff, I stopped beside her and looked down. Although I couldn't see much, I could make out her boobs floating freely. 'Have fun!' I encouraged her, not that she needed any.

'I am... ooooo I am.' she replied. I left her in peace, and went back to my place.

I have to confess, I did get a bit brazen late one night. My fiance had to work one Sunday nite, some sort of computer thingy. So he came to see me at lunch, and for dessert fucked my brains out for about three hours. I was so satisfied I fell asleep, naked and full of his cum.

He must have really worn me out, I didn't wake up until early in the morning. I'll never forget, it was 3:33 am. Wow, I'd slept almost 11 hours. I was also naked, and horny as hell. You'd have thought my earlier session would have satisfied me, but it just made me hornier. I tried masturbating for a bit, but couldn't quite get that really big orgasm I wanted. I finally decided there was only one remedy. It was time for a pool party.

I tended to go through a lot of swimsuits. Keeping the crotch pulled aside so much eventually wore the elastic out to where it would no longer keep my pussy covered. OK in the pool, not so OK walking up the stairwell with the horny old pervert who lived on the bottom floor.

I had just purchased a brand new suit, an all black one piece. I didn't bother to put on the shoulder straps, I knew I'd want my boobs free after I got in the water. I grabbed a towel and as quietly as my barefeet would take me, made my way to the pool.

I tossed my towel in a nearby chair, I didn't fail to notice even the one normally working light was out leaving the pool very dark and private. As I made my way down the pool steps into the water one of my boobs popped free of the suit. Oh well, it would be free soon enough so I just let it go.

I made my way over to my friend the jet and pulled the tight crotch of my suit aside. I let my other tit float free, pushing my suit down around my waist. I enjoyed floating there, but the brand new elastic in my suit kept snapping the panel back over my hairy pussy, cutting off the watery vibrator.

After repeatedly having to pull it back open, I got really frustrated. I was so fucking horny by this point I just didn't care any more. I reached down and pushed the suit off my body, kicking it away in the dark water. I returned to my jet, and held my pussy lips wide allowing the water to blast my clit. FUCK it was awesome!

I felt so naughty, totally naked in the water like that. I had a massive cum, which kept going and going. When I finally couldn't take it anymore I pushed away, floating free. I let myself calm down, then floated back to the jet. This time though I held my fleshy ass up against it. The water rushed across my anus, went under me then bubbled up over my pussy. It tickled a little as my pubic hair swirled around, but got me all tingly too.

I decided one more was in order, and turned around so the water could once again blast me right on the clit. I played with my free floating tits, pinching and sucking on them while the water slowly built my orgasm up. Since my butt was still tingling I reached around back and lightly rubbed one finger across my anus. That light touch was enough to set me off, my pussy exploded with one of the biggest orgasms of my life.

I floated in the water, relishing the afterglow and the erotic feeling of being naked in the water. After a few minutes though decided I should probably get going, and spent a good ten minutes hunting for my black suit in the dark water. I finally found it, but by that point decided it was too much effort to try and get it back on.

Feeling rather brazen, I got out of the water and got my towel. Holding it in one hand and my suit in the other, I walked out of the pool area and back up stairs bare ass naked. I admit, I had to force myself not to run, but I felt so... erotic being in that situation. Knowing anyone could see me if they happened to walk out their door at the right time.

I did make it back without incident though, or at least as far as I know I wasn't seen. By this time it was getting close to when I'd get up anyway, so took a leisurely shower and was soon headed to work. But all I could think about all day was my private pool party!



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