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Amy Overwhelmed Me

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Back in college, one of my roommates was dating a tall, curvy blonde woman named Amy. Winters were cold and long up in New England and it was typical to go months without seeing a woman's exposed legs unless you were in a relationship. I was in a dry spell that year after breaking up with my sophomore year girlfriend and I was horny anyway because I was 20, and things were getting further and further out of control because I hadn't had a chance to masturbate in a few days because my roommates were always home studying.

Amy lived off campus with two other girls in an attic apartment atop a big drafty house. I stopped over there sometimes when I was heading back from classes just to kill time and, this time, Amy was home alone. We were sitting on her couch watching TV when I noticed an envelope of photos on the coffee table. Without even asking, I grabbed them and started thumbing through them. They were Amy's pictures from her Spring Break vacation with her family to Aruba and, a few photos in, there was a picture of Amy in a neon green bikini-high cut up her legs and revealing her athletic muscle tone even though the top could barely contain her round, full breasts.

My cock swelled inside my jeans. Back then, I never wore underwear and I could immediately see my pants rise. I felt my palms get sweaty and my voice was a little shaky when I said, 'Wow, Amy, you look great.'

She moved closer to me to show me more of the pictures and I could smell her hair and feel the warmth of her body as she rubbed against me. My cock was now pulsing visibly in my pants and Amy definitely didn't miss it.

'You'll like this one,' she told me, smiling, and she showed me a picture her brother had taken of Amy and her brother's girlfriend in their bikinis lying topless on the deck of the boat. They were on their stomachs, but the curvy, round, sexy shape of Amy's ass was in the foreground and the spread of her breasts beneath her was visible further down her silhouette. The bikini was tucked into her ass crack on one side.

I couldn't resist exclaiming, 'Oh, my god you are SO hot!' Immediately, I felt my cheeks redden, but Amy just smiled again.

'Do you like those pictures?' she asked, her voice lilting a little.

I didn't want to betray my roommate and I was feeling really guilty, but now my cock was rigid and there was no mistaking the tent or the wet spot and I knew that Amy was enjoying looking at me.

'I think you look great,' I said. 'John is a lucky guy.'

'I still have my tan lines,' Amy volunteered, and she reached under her sweater and untucked her turtleneck and pulled her loose corduroys down, showing me the strap of her white panties. 'Want to see?'

I knew she was teasing me now-I wasn't sure how far she was planning to go-but I stopped feeling guilty at this point. 'Yes,' I breathed.

Amy stood up and stepped out of her tennis shoes and started wriggling out of her pants. I couldn't believe she was doing this in the middle of her living room when her roommates could have walked in at any time!

'They're away,' she said, essentially reading my mind.

She was wearing perfectly girly but not very revealing white panties but they were tight on her full, round ass and rode up a little over her cheeks (she was muscular, not soft, and the effect was so hot).

'Am I turning you on?' she asked.

'So much,' I replied, squirming now as she stood before me, stepping out of her socks.

'I can see that,' she said. 'Or can I see it?'

I was actually starting to lose control of myself at this point-I'm not proud of what I did next-but I just unbuttoned my jeans and let my cock flop up. I'm thicker than most guys, but only five inches long or so, but that day, I might have been six inches because I was so turned on. My head was red and shiny and spiderwebs of precome trailed down from my cockslit to my thighs.

It was hot in that apartment thanks to the rising heat from the house below, but I would have held my erection outdoors at that point. I could feel my balls sitting on the fabric of her couch and I started imagining how many times my roommate must have undressed her right where I was sitting.

Amy pulled off her turtleneck and sat in her bra-it didn't match (sort of a blue satiny color)-but I didn't mind. In fact, I pulled my jeans the rest of the way off and just started masturbating. I didn't want to, but I had to stroke, had to touch myself, had to deal with the urges I was feeling without letting myself loose to just grasp and writhe against Amy and kiss her (this happened later, of course).

'Oh, my GOD!' she exclaimed. 'Do I turn you on that much?'

'I'm sorry,' I said. 'I just have to cum so bad right now.'

She was transfixed by my animal act and the innocence of her curiosity only set me further off. 'You can't stop yourself!' she observed.

And I couldn't. I just kept pounding my fist, down low with my finger tight around my base so I could let my pinky graze my balls, and with my swollen head wiggling with every stroke, I jacked outwards toward where Amy was standing faster and faster as I stared at her legs and breasts and skin-oh, that tanned skin-

'I'm going to cum,' I breathed. I could feel a huge load rushing up from my sack.

'Jason, come for me,' she said.

She didn't need to ask me twice. I fanned my hand away on my cock as my hips bucked and my legs shook and four wet squirts shot out all over Amy's legs and the rug and my jeans and my stomach and then a fifth one, heavy and thick, onto my chest. My cock was pulsing, my ears were buzzing, my vision cloudy with the blood going to my head ... (to be continued)...



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