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Amusement Park Amusement

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David and I went to the same grade school and played on the basketball team together during my sixth grade year. He was a year younger, skinny, cute and had short, brown hair. Along with basketball, he played soccer and I thought he was cute starting when I was in fourth grade. We talked occasionally, but were nothing more than casual friends.

This all changed at the end of my sixth grade year. Our end of the year school picnic took place at a local amusement park the first weekend in June, and it was cold, about 55-60 for the high temp. so the waterpark was pretty empty. Most of the guys in my class avoided it totally, but I braved the chilly weather and went in anyhow. Despite a top-notch park, few were in sight, maybe 20 people in the whole park. After sliding for a couple of hours, I went into the hot tub and found a familiar faced David, sitting there. I swam over to him and began talking about the time we were having and he asked me if I wanted to hang out with him the rest of the day. I could hardly believe my luck!!

We got out of the hot tub and took in a few more slides, sliding double most of the time. I brushed up against him occasionally, checking out his trim chest and skinny legs leading up to a plump butt that I snuck looks at whenever I could. We did a little horse play and giggled and laughed, but finally, the water park was getting ready to shut down as it was nearing 6:00pm. David suggested we get changed and hang out on the rides afterwards. I agreed and we split up to get our bags with our regular clothes in them. I entered the changing room and it was nearly empty, with just two toilet stalls filled. There was no one in the wide-open changing area. I dried off quickly, letting the heat of the room warm my chilly body. I dressed in a rushed manner, still shivering, and just as I pulled my socks and shoes on, David walked in with his bag and I could tell he was cold, too.

Just then, one of the stalls opened and a person came out and began to dry off. David looked briefly, then walked up to me and asked for a favor. 'Will you hold this towel up to the wall in the corner while I get changed?' he said. I could hardly believe it. I nodded and we walked to the corner. He set down his bag and pulled out his other towel and started drying his hair and chest and back. I held up the towel from one wall to the other, cutting off his tiny corner from the rest of the room. I faced him, wondering if he'd ask me to look away. He didn't. David set the towel on the bench and went for his drawstring and untied it, yanking his wet trunks to the floor. His bare, 12-year-old cheeks jiggled as he stepped out of his shorts and he dried his midsection off briefly, then bent over at the waist to dry his legs and feet. I could nearly see all the way up his crack and became erect, watching my little friend bare his backside to me.

Finished drying, he sat down on the bench and let the towel fall to the floor. My eyes popped out of my head and I stared at his penis, hairless and skinny, nearly three and a half inches and standing straight up! I wasn't the only one excited after all. I looked as much as I could as David dressed, but soon he was covered and we went out to the amusement park portion of the park. We rode a few rides before going on the dark ride the park had. I was tempted to see if he was interested in anything. I was so tempted to touch the boy. I became erect from the time we sat in the seats. Soon, we were moving inside and just as I finally mustered up enough courage to reach over and squeeze his crotch, the ride jerked to a sudden halt. A minute later, the operator said they were having problems with power and would work on it. We should sit tight.

With that, David slid his left hand inside my sweats and grabbed my erection. I think I squealed, but he pumped away, not really rubbing with the feel of someone who had done it before, but I was so excited that within a minute, I had filled his hand with a load of my sperm. He asked if I peed on him. I explained sperm and stuff and he said they learned about it in health class, but he had not ever seen it before. I reached in his boxers and touched boy skin. David was erect again and I got a few strokes in before the ride continued on. Darn! I kept my hand inside his underwear until we came to the final stop and pulled out just before the operator came over to apologize for the wait. We just grinned back at him.

David and I spent the rest of our years in grade school grabbing each other when we could. It wasn't much since we were in opposite grades. As we grew older, we grew apart. The last image I recall was sharing a gym class together when I was a senior in high school. David had taken to flashing the class and parading around naked in the locker room. He was never erect and though hair had finally graced his penis, he still was the same, small size as six years prior.

Who knew an amusement park could be so much fun!



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