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Amazing Shower

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I was sixteen years old and completely clueless when it came to women. I didn't have a girlfriend and had never done anything more than kiss a girl. As you can imagine almost all of my friends had gone 'all the way' with girls but I don't know how true their stories were, you can't trust a sixteen year old boy when it comes to sex.

Anyway back to the story. I was at camp as it was summer time and we did a lot of fun things like rock climbing and surfing, but today we were swimming in the local pool. When I first got in I noticed Rachael. She is the star of the story. She was insanely hot and completely out of my league and there were a lot of stories about her being a 'slut'. I was in love with Rachael but I never had the courage to tell her. She was wearing a red bikini which almost revealed her perfectly shaped breasts and as usual I noticed and started to get hard down below.

I decided it was too risky to get out of the pool so I swam off by myself and waited for my erection to disappear and it finally did. I soon got out of the pool as I was tired of swimming and headed to the showers. There were two separate showers for the girls and the boys so I took my shorts off and headed in. I began to think of Rachael again and how amazing she looked in that revealing red bikini and almost got another erection. There was no one else in the showers so it would be okay if I got one so I decided to continue thinking about her and soon after my cock was rock solid. I began to stroke it slowly and it felt amazing.

About five minutes later, still rubbing my cock, I heard someone walking towards the showers so I turned around to hide my erection and pretended to continue showering. I heard a person come into the showers and turn the one on behind me. I looked over my shoulder and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was Rachael. She was completely naked and I could see her. Even from behind she looked amazing. I slowly examined her young gorgeous body from head to toe and it was great. Her ass was so perfect and round I could feel my cock bulging, just aching to be rubbed. I then thought to myself, what the hell is going on?

I then started to think that I was in the wrong showers so I turned and looked at the entrance and it said male. Did she know she was in the wrong showers? She must have known I was watching her and then, she turned around revealing the rest of her amazing body. I thought I was dreaming. She then said, 'Do you like what you see?' in a sexy voice. I was speechless so I nodded accordingly. She then began rubbing lotion over her breasts in front of me, I almost shot my load there and then but I somehow managed to control myself. I had my back to her so she couldn't see my hard cock and she told me to turn around. So I did and she smiled.

I wanted to run over and take her in my arms but I couldn't, she was in charge and she knew it. She began to spread her legs and I had a full view of her shaved pussy. My cock was aching from all of the tension that had built up in me. She began rubbing her clit in a slow circular motion and after a minute or two she signalled me over. I sprinted over and she whispered, 'Rub me,' and then took my hand and placed it over her wet tight pussy. This was it I could feel myself about to blow but somehow I kept it in. I was slowly rubbing her clit as she moaned out loud and I then put my index finger inside of her and I could feel how tight she was. After all of the stories about her being a slut, they were all wrong. I knew she was a virgin and hopefully I would be her first! I then put another finger up her and I felt her pussy contract around my fingers and she moaned louder and louder. She was cumming. After about fifteen seconds of intense contractions and moaning she was done. Now it was my turn.

We moved out of the showers kissing each other, still naked and dripping wet, and went into the changing rooms. We locked the door and she grabbed my erect penis in her hand and started rubbing slowly and began to get faster and faster not long after that I shot my load all over her face.

We got cleaned up and dressed then she smiled at me and left. I didn't go 'all of the way' but damn, that was awesome! The best part was there were still a couple of weeks of summer left and that it would happen again but even better next time...



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