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Amazing Reach

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Amazed and fascinated by his size


Hi all who enjoy pleasure! Hopefully something will be here that you can all enjoy, alone or with someone. As I sit here typing, my love wand is standing big and proud, being engorged by vacuum. He's reaching as far as he can, much farther than when simply stimulating him psychologically or physically or both. Vacuum is a natural means of engorging. Contrary to pills of any kind, there are no harmful after effects from vacuum. Now as to why anyone well along in years should enjoy vacuum.

Before our neighbor died at age 75, I was over having coffee one morning and he complained about not having much left of his member. Surprisingly his wife confirmed it by saying, "He has almost nothing there." I think she was quite disappointed. They had 4 children, so must have had some good times together. A friend of mine died at 90. When I last visited, I asked about his manhood. He was the kind that did a lot of writing and mailing about what he believed to be important, namely remaining intact instead of being circumcised. So I knew I could ask a personal question. He replied that there was almost nothing left. Sad. His wife had died, so I asked if she enjoyed sex. He said, "Oh, yes! Very much. I tried to see how many orgasms I could give her every time."

Fast forward to some junk mail as my wife calls anything we did not request. One such mailing came from a company that makes vacuum devices for men. It said that if a doctor prescribes such a device to help overcome erectile dysfunction, medicare would pay the cost. What really got my attention was the statement that vacuum helps avoid "non-use atrophy." Whoa! Atrophy is shrinking! Non-use shrinking was exactly what our neighbor and another friend had described. My wife had lost interest in sex before our 40th anniversary. In fact she told me harshly one time not to make her responsible for my orgasms. So I knew I wanted a vacuum device to avoid non-use atrophy and requested a form for my doctor to fill out at my next physical. At my next physical, I asked the doctor to complete the form and he did. I ordered the vacuum device pronto. It worked for about 4-6 months before losing vacuum. When inquiring, they replied that $140 would repair it. Not having that kind of money, I resorted to the old egg and bottle trick where vacuum sucks a hard cooked, peeled, egg into a bottle. Finding several bottles in the basement and in the shed, I experimented with size and size of neck opening. A quart does not provide enough vacuum and an inch and a half neck was too small for me. A larger size provides more vacuum and a larger neck lets me engorge marvellously. Furthermore the vacuum device was a straight tube which mainly provided vacuum to the end of my love want instead of providing vacuum all the way down to the base of my love want like a bottle does.

Now to engorgement details which I hope females will enjoy. I never measured over 7 inches before. Now after about a year on my homemade vacuum, I measure 7 1/2 inches and 2 full inches across my head and all along my shaft. My base is even bigger. The company that manufactures vacuum devices confirmed several times that vacuum does not need to be limited like a cock ring is limited to half an hour so the blood doesn't cool and coagulate which necessitates a trip to the emergency room to have a doctor cut open the shaft and remove the blood clots. NOT FUN. As a nurse, my wife has observed such an operation. Not something I would want at all. I can enjoy vacuum for an hour or more, but seldom can wait to feel his size and play. So I usually pull the bottle off after 15 to 30 minutes. Meanwhile I am amazed and fascinated by what I'm seeing in the bottle. He is so majestic, so red, so big, so marvellous as he reaches into the bottle as far as he can! I enjoy looking at him! I'd like to show him to the whole world, especially my Solo friends. I can't afford Lily any more or all my Lily friends could enjoy him also. Sigh. I enjoy feeling him even more.

Well, he's been erect, big, and hard as a rock for over 40 minutes now and I will close this long story and attend to him as he wants to be appreciated, more than just looking at him. I'd like for dozens of females to gather around and "Ohhh!" and "Ahhh!" and feel him and play with him and lick my precum and roll their tongues around my head and more! To say it simply, he's beautiful! And I love him! I thank our Creator for giving me such a marvelous piece of sensitive meat and I thank our Creator for what He/She can do with vacuum. I try to remember to thank our Creator for every erection and for every orgasm. My love wand is so special.

Now specifically for females, a drug store can supply a variety of sizes of syringes. Cut off the end where a needle fastens on and smooth the cut edge. Then slide the plunger in from that end. Slip the end with the lips over your clit and pull gently on the plunger. Too rapid a pull may cause instant pain. Vacuum, whether by someone else's mouth or by a toy will cause your clit to engorge more than psychological or physical stimulation can cause it to engorge.

Long enough. If you think I could market the above info in men's magazines, I'll appreciate your comment. I'd keep the ad short. When someone orders the info, I'd explain in detail how to go about making the neck of the bottle larger by cutting the neck off at just the right place. It's a special technique that I won't describe here. This is long enough and my love wand is begging to be pleasured and provide me pleasure coursing throughout my whole body, reaching my brain and causing a orgasm. Keep on pleasuring! RC



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