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Amazing, and so Very Special

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She works in my firm. She is what some ignorant people would call 'plain'. She has small, almost pubescent breasts, and, if I am honest a 'mousy' face. But what happened last week was special beyond words.


She works in the catering department and I rarely see her, but whenever I do, she makes a point of asking how I am and I return the compliment.

Last Thursday, totally unlike me, when I saw her, I reached out and hugged her. I thought she would pull away, but instead I felt her arm go around my waist. Then I felt her pull me to her. For a moment, with one arm around each other, sideways on, we hugged. Nothing to it. People do it all the time. Except, I don't. I am not a 'Hugger'. I am not that tactile with people. Neither, it seemed was she. One of her colleagues ribbed her with 'That the first man you've ever touched.' and with it came a cruel little snigger which obviously hurt her. (No, I won't mention her name)

So I went to my table to have my drink, and she went back into the kitchen area. I don't know why I looked up, but when I did, she was standing in the doorway to the restaurant. There was something about her. She seemed to be glowing. She didnt say a word, or gesture in any way, but I found myself getting up and walking toward her. She turned away and walked out of my sight. As I got to the door, I saw her ahead of me closing a corridor door that led to the bathrooms. I followed. She walked into the mens room cool as anything. I followed and quickened my pace.

In one of the stalls, she stopped pushed the door closed behind me and stood there looking into my eyes. What was it there in her eyes? Yearning? Perhaps. A need? Yes, certainly that. A very deep aching need. She took my hand and held it for a moment before moving it to her tiny breast. She pressed my palm against it. There were tears in her eyes. She moved my hand up under her t shirt while at the same time reaching behind her with her other hand to unsnap her bra. Soon my hand was touching a very small but perfectly formed and firm breast. She took a deep breath and whispered, in a surprisingly powerful way, 'No one has ever touched me before. No one. I want this more than I can say.' It wasn't her being a virgin that made my heart melt, it was the utter sincerity and almost pleading nature of her words.

So, I began to dance a delicate and sensuous ballet across her erect nipple. Each touch brought a sigh or a gasp from her. She raised her arms to let me take her t-shirt off and her bra fell to the floor. I glanced down at it. Almost a trainer bra. Tiny, thin straps and soft brushed cotton. I would imagine she hasn't changed her bra style since school. So, now we began to kiss. Tentatively at first, with me letting her make the running until our tongues were entwined.

For the first time ever, I did not reach between a girls legs when I normally would. I was desperate to touch her there, but somehow, this had to be her way; her time. Then, I felt her hand remove mine from her breast and she turned her back to me, guiding it down her tummy. For a while she left me in the no-mand's land of her waistband while she did something, then I felt her skirt fall away. Her hand took mine and introduced it into the waistband of her knickers. I didn't need to look to know they too were white cotton. I explored further, deeper over a thinly haired mound until I found the moist, welcoming cleft between her legs. There, nestled away, but awoken from its slumber was her clitoris. My index finger found it first and I teased it gently, oh, so gently.

She gasped, leaned back and tilted her head to kiss me again. A little further exploration and a gasp ushered from her right into my mouth. There, hidden in the swollen mounds of her vagina was a hymen. Still intact and, I am sure, never touched before. In the centre was what felt to me like a perfectly formed tiny hole. Her wetness began in earnest now as I continued my attention to her clit. A gentle undulation of her hips told me the rhythm she wanted. But I decided I would not press a finger inside her. We entered the most crucial phase. My cock hard against her ass, straining to be released from its confines, her breathing harder and harder, her undulating hips pressing further and harder. Then, looking deep into my eyes she whispered. 'Break me.' 'Are you sure?' I whispered back. 'Yes, I want you to be the first. I have always wanted you to be the first'. With the greatest care, I eased my finger into that tight unexplored hole. As my middle finger joint passed it, the resistance suddenly gave way and she uttered a small cry. I held perfectly still for a moment, but then the thrusting began in earnest, and I knew it would be soon. I reached up to cup that perfect, hard breast and I gave the nipple a squeeze that went a hairs breadth into the realm of pain. As I did, she sucked in a huge lungful of air and froze. It was as if time itself stood still. Neither of us breathed for an eternity and then I felt the convuslions between her legs and each one forced a gasp from her. I held her tight until it subsided. Removing my hand from between her legs, I found a little blood, but not as much as I thought there may be. My hand was, however soaked with her cum.

You know, I didn't want her to do anything for me. At that moment, it seemed perfect in some way. Oh she is younger than me, I would say mid 20s. But she unzipped my cock and I let her explore it. She knelt and stared at it for a long time and I wondered for a moment if she would take it into her mouth. Instead, she wrapped her hand around it and started moving. She looked up. 'Is this right?' I nodded. Her eyes were transfixed on the head of it and she got the pace right. I in turn felt the innevitable begin to build. I looked down at her rapt concentration. 'You do know what will happen?' Silly, even though she was clearly new to this, she must know what happens when a man cums. 'Yes, you will spurt. Just let it happen.' She didnt ask me but I asked her, 'I will warn you, so you can move away.' She replied 'No. Just let it happen.' And happen it did. I held it back as long as I could before allowing myself to spurt. Of course, with nowhere else to go it hit her in the face. I am not by any means a big cummer, but three sizeable jets caught her cheek, her left eye, and even across her partly open lips.

I cleaned her and she stood. She put her arms around me and, looking deeply into my eyes she said. 'I am 26. I have never had sex, although I am very sexual. I rarely masturbate, only when I can't stand the tension anymore. I want you to be my first. I don't want us to fall in love, and I know you are married. But I want you to teach me everything. I trust you, and I know you will be honest with me. I want to try things, and I want you to help me. Will you?'

I don't know. I mean, I really don't know. You see, there is such an innocence about this girl, it would be too easy to fall in love with her. Oh, I know, I am merely a means to an end for her, and some may say that I should not look a gift horse in the mouth. For sure, I have not been getting any at home since the highly traumatic birth of our second daughter some four years ago. As I sit and write this, I can smell her on my fingers, sweet and fresh as a summer's meadow with that indefinable scent of the female. Would I like to have her? Oh without doubt. I would love to be her first in so many ways. But I sense danger here.



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