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My parents are really strict Catholics. They insist on the whole family attending regular confession and just about everything is a sin! When I started to develop, my mum started to tell me about the evils of sex and how I would be tempted to abusing myself. I almost died with embarassment when I found that at the end of the school day, my panties were kinda stained, well, not dirty or anything like that, but a whiteish creamy mark. Some days, it would be quite heavy. I learned that it was because of my hormones from school, but my mum was sure I was fooling around. Anyways, after weeks of being accused of either messing with boys, or messing with myself, this one night I thought 'Screw this. If I'm gonna get blamed anyway, what the hell.' I was in bed and I slipped my hand between my legs over my panties. Almost immediately, I got this real intense feeling, like electricity, but I knew there was more somehow. I could feel myself getting wet and I slipped my hand inside my panties. My GOD! I was like TOTALLY soaked and my pussy lips felt large, kinda swollen? I let my finger slip up and down and it was like heaven on earth. I opened my legs and thought about a cute guy at school. I even let myself think of dirty words. I just got to imagining his 'cock' and telling him to 'fuck me' and BLAM! I like TOTALLY zoned out and couldnt believe the amazing sensations. My first orgasm on my first go! How cool is THAT???

Uknown to my parents was that that week, I went to confession with the family, and I told the priest what I had done. In detail. I felt really hot telling him and when I got home, I went to the bathroom and rubbed off again. I guess I am some kinda slut, but I love what my body can do for me.



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