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Always Thinking of Her...a Fantasy

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I don't consider myself bi or lesbian...I don't know what to categorize myself since she will always be that one and only female love...and this is a tribute to her, love you!


Like I mentioned in my comment I'm not a lesbian or bisexual, but ever since I met Ann through the net I've been going crazy for her. Since we live a long distance from each other we haven't got the opportunity to meet, but we have become closer than most people living under the same roof would. But just because we haven't met doesn't mean we haven't had some fun, fun involving internet sex, sexting, and phone sex all that were very intense and beyond imagination. However not all was just sex, we also got serious and dated for a little over than a year, and since then both our sex lives dwindled to a halt, not because we don't want to, but because she's constantly surrounded by her family and lacks privacy.

Anyway, I'm going to start off by describing what Ann looks like. She's in her mid 40's, (I know we have a big age gap), she has long shoulder length brown hair, with big light brown eyes and long full eyelashes and lips to die for. Even at her age she has a very sexy body, big ass, toned legs, flat stomach with a belly button ring, and size D breasts with brown quarter sized nipples. Her pussy varies in styles when it comes down to pubic hair, but for the most part she's shaved or has a heart shaped trim along her pussy lips. In a way she is the ideal milf.

Now I'm pretty much the opposite, I lack what she has, I have B cup breasts, I'm slightly overweight, and have a big ass, I have short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses. I don't really like dressing up or putting on make up so you could say I'm a tomboy. But Ann thinks I'm sexy in my own way, even though I think she's crazy lol. But I do know I have an active imagination when it comes down to love making, and imagination that has led to many long intense nights with Ann having phone sex. And this is one fantasy I would like to share.

I'm excited at the thought that Ann is finally able to visit me at my house, my mom and sister are away on vacation and my dad works during the day. We recently had some work done on the house so she will be staying in the new guest room in the back room of the house.

It's early afternoon and I'm sitting on her queen sized bed watching a movie on the new flat screen we set up in the room, while Ann is taking a shower freshening up from her flight. My eyes are fixed on the screen as she walks in her black silk robe, and catches my attention as she walks over to the dresser and starts brushing her hair. I begin to smell her perfume and this turns my senses on. I watch her touching her face up in the mirror and she blows me a kiss,

I crawl off the bed and walk over to her, wrapping my arms around her and gently kiss her on the cheek. She replies by turning her head slightly and kissing me on the lips, I could feel my face turn red and my heart race a little in excitement. She then fully turns around and places her arms around my neck and pulls me in to a long passionate kiss, I could feel my instincts kicking in as she slides her tongue in my mouth, and I begin to get that familiar tingle between my legs.

Ann starts backing me up on to the bed and crawls on top of me as I'm pinned onto the bed. Her robe opens up and I see her tan nude body in all its glory. She tells me to touch her and make her feel wanted, I do just that, feeling up her body while I begin to lick her nipples with the tip of my tongue, she let's out little moans as I start sucking on one nipple, then the other. She tells me she wants me, that she can't wait much longer and begins ripping at my clothes, kissing every inch of my skin as she does.

I pull her robe off completely as our tongues dance in our mouths. I pull her closer to my body, feeling our body heat rising, sliding my hands on her ass and thighs, feeling a bit of her wetness as I touch her pussy lips with the tips of my fingers. She shudders in delight and let's out a little moan telling me she wants more. I press my fingers against her clit, rubbing it in circular motion feeling her wetness building up as she slowly grinds on my fingers. She wants more and I slip in two fingers into her tight wet pussy, moving them in and out of her, she moans louder telling me to go faster, I do as she wishes and pick up the pace while rubbing her clit with my other hand.

She grinds up and down my fingers, her tits bouncing up and down in my face, her moaning gets louder as I feel her pussy muscles clamping down on my fingers and feel the sudden gush of her cum running all over my hand, she kisses me, pulling on my lips and stops to catch her breath...Ann tells me she loves me and now its her turn to return the favor...the rest, well let's just say its not for this site.

Hope you enjoyed!



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