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Always Have Rubbed

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I started masturbating before I can remember, and I have always used the same technique. I lie on my stomach and rub up and down, first outside my underwear and then on my bare skin. I find it to be incredibly relaxing, like the ultimate massage-in fact one of my fantasies has always been to hump while I get a massage from a professional. I usually try and get off at least twice a day. If I haven't had time or privacy to hump for a few days, I always spend a few hours making up for lost time in my bedroom with my legs spread, occasionally using a pillow and or a vibrator.

When I was a kid I used to get off for the same reasons I still do-stress, boredom, build up of sexual tension. If I had something to figure out I'd masturbate while I thought about it. I would get caught and told not to, but then I only needed to more. I can remember wanting privacy to masturbate badly enough that I would lie on the floor while I ran the water for my bath and rub furiously, even though this technique hurt my wrists. Growing up I never had experiences with other girls, though I always wanted to. In college I once walked in on my roommate while she was face down humping her pillow during an afternoon when I was normally at class. The whole thing made me very embarrassed because I was always taught that masturbation was wrong, and there is still some residual of shame in my head. My roommate was embarrassed as well and she stopped what she was doing right away, pretending to be taking a nap. I ran out of the room, feeling ashamed and also knowing how hard it is to stop what you're doing right before a climax. I let the door close loudly behind me so that she could get right back to what she was doing. I wished I was brave enough to tell her that it was okay, I did it too, on the off chance that we could both overcome the awkwardness of it so that we could hump when we got horny or couldn't sleep. I imagined the relief of not having to hide it, waiting for my roommate to go to the bathroom, but I was still too shy to pipe up.

During college I dated a guy with a huge cock who loved to jerk off all the time, and one night after drinking we had a talk about making it okay to masturbate if we felt like it. Nothing turned me on like waking up in the middle of the night to feel the bed shaking and his hand moving up and down. I was usually a little bit more shy when I went about satisfying myself, waking him up to ask permission by saying I was really horny, and was it okay if I went at it for a while, or I have my period and need the relief. He would always say it was okay, half asleep, and I would roll over on my stomach, put my hands under me, cup my vagina and masturbate for as long as I felt. He always thought that he knew everything about women and that there was something weird about doing it on my stomach or even masturbating in general, but I've since learned that most women do masturbate and they don't all do it the same way.

Recently I've been with women, which I really love. I love the feeling of kissing their soft lips, which feel so much smaller than a man's, and I love touching a woman's breasts, inhaling her perfume while we scissor our legs together and get off. To me, humping with another woman is the best kind of masturbation there is.



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