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Already a Pro

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Masturbation is great.


I guess the story starts when I was about eleven. I knew about sex vaguely and had already had a few girlfriends, but the only sexual experiences I had had were 'doctor' like explorations with neighborhood girls, and nothing about them was sexual, just curiosity between kids. So when I got an informative sex book from my mom, it obviously had a lot of stuff in it that was new to me.

The most intriguing thing in the book for me was the section on masturbation. It talked about how kids experience sexual desires and to release these, they could masturbate themselves to orgasm. I had no clue what an orgasm was or how to masturbate, but the book made it easy enough to figure out what the process entailed. I tried it but never really got anywhere so I figured it was for older kids and that I just had to wait.

Flash forward a year. I was at the beach with my 17-year-old cousin. We were sharing a couch bed watching tv at like 2:00am. Somehow we found a channel showing girls pole dancing. I had seen a little nudity before and some sex scenes in movies, but this was my first experience watching girls expose themselves completely and in such a sexual manner. I was immediately hard as a rock watching these girls dance. My cousin started cracking jokes about getting lotion, and asked me what I thought. I just laughed, knowing what he was talking about. Nothing else was said and we continued watching the show for a good half hour. My penis had been throbbing this entire time, so I finally got up and went to the bathroom.

I locked the door and immediately pulled my penis out. I was probably about three or four inches long at that time and had never seen it this hard. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and simply started beating up and down. I started slow but couldn't help myself and was soon jerking as fast as I could. I felt a rush through my body then several contractions in my penis. It was such a great feeling of release, but I didn't ejaculate. I was a little disappointed but happy that I had had an orgasm.

Flash forward maybe six months from then. I was at home one night on my computer looking for naked pictures of celebrities or something of that nature when I came across a website for sex stories. After reading only a few, I realised I enjoyed this much better than pictures. I locked my door and started slowly playing with myself. I got hard instantly at that age, so it wasn't long before I was furiously jerking off hoping for another orgasm (I had had a few since the summer).

But it didn't come. I had been jerking off for a good ten minutes, and it had only taken me a minute or two the first few times I had orgasmed. But having nothing better to do, I kept reading stories. My penis stayed hard so I kept going. Finally, after about another 15 minutes of jerking off, a story I was reading about a girl masturbating for the first time brought the familiar feelings of orgasm to my balls. What happened next is one of the great experiences of my life. My orgasm started, but it just kept building for at least five seconds. Then suddenly my penis contracted hard, and a thin jet of come shot out onto my keyboard. That was followed by what I can only describe as a barrage of semen. I shot four to five spurts onto the computer monitor and keyboard, and covered my hand with more. When I was finally done, I knew I had found something amazing. The ability to masturbate and shoot come was something I knew I was going to enjoy for the rest of my life.

Puberty hit and lucky for me, my penis grew to its current size of around nine inches. No offence to anyone, but I love having a large penis. It's not huge, just large. The response I get from women is great, and I guess I enjoy the size when I masturbate as well. Anyway, I had a few experiences with friends masturbating to porn and what not, but none of these were that significant to me except that I realised my penis was bigger than all of theirs.

I dated a lot of girls and had plenty of making out, but I always seemed to pick girls that were scared away by anything sexual. At eighteen I was dating a girl a little younger than me. Gorgeous blonde hair with nice tits and nice little ass. She hadn't really experienced anything sexual, but with me she did. The first time she gave me a handjob, she didn't shut up about my size, and when I shot come all the way onto her clothes, she got so turned on I didn't even have to ask to touch her. I've always made a habit of learning everything I could about sex and women so that I would always be a good lover, and it paid off. Within a few minutes I brought her to her first orgasm, and within another 15 minutes, I had given her three more. It was the first time I had ever masturbated anyone, and I loved it. I loved watching her face change as my hands moved, and feeling her body tense up as I learned exactly what she liked.

As for me, I had finally begun to learn the art of greater masturbation. In all the sexually informative stuff I had been reading online, I had learned lots about masturbation. Instead of masturbating all the time, I only did it a few times a week, but when I masturbated, I would masturbate for hours before letting myself orgasm. It's hard to control yourself to that extent at first, but after time, it gets easier. On a side note, it also improves your stamina in intercourse.

A typical orgasm for me after masturbating for that long was about a 10 second build up and four to five jets of come that shot several feet. Much more come would them stream out, making my ejaculation last at least 15-20 seconds. It's really a great experience.

In masturbating like this, I began to gain control of my genital muscles, the pc muscle in women I guess it's the same in men. After two years of masturbating like this, I can virtually control my orgasms. I know I can go from flacid to orgasm in under a minute, but I have the stamina to masturbate for hours without stopping and without ejaculating. It really makes masturbation an entire experience, not just a quick jerk.

Now, I guess I'll share my best experience with masturbation.

I got to college and met this beautiful blonde whose about 5'3', 110lbs, and a gorgeous ass. In short, I fell in love. She's hot and cute at the same time. She had a sexual history of two guys, losing her viriginity to the second one. But she had never been made love to, in any form of sex. Our first experiences with each other was incredible, but that's not what I want to talk about.

To start with, my girl and I were spending a night in a hotel on vacation the coming weekend, so I planned my week around masturbating to get ready. I spent about two hours a day in straight masturbation with no orgasms. So by the time Friday got there, I was so fired up it was crazy.

That night, I finally convinced her to let me masturbate her instead of a little foreplay then straight to fucking. She was a little hesitant at first, but after I started talking about how beautiful she was, she calmed down. Now, I'm a huge fan of the g-spot. It is a big deal, so get familiar with it. I haven't produced any female ejaculations yet, but I have given g-spot orgasms and it's truly a great thing to experience.

So here is what I did to my girlfriend. I ran my hands all over her body to calm her down, then I slowly started tracing circles around the outside of her breasts while kissing her neck. I played with her breasts a little before focusing on her nipples. she was already grinding her butt into the bed, but I continued focusing on her nipples and breasts. Slowly I slid my hand down onto her stomach, tracing circles around her bellybutton. Her hips started pushing up into my arm and her breath was coming in gasps, but I didn't let her have her way yet. I moved my hand towards her pussy like I was going to cradle it, but instead I passed it and traced my hands down her leg. I ran my hands up and down her thighs getting closer and closer to her beautiful pussy. I could see juices already seeping out of her slit, but I waited until she started whimpering to finally touch her.

I ran my hand slowly up and down the outside of her lips, pulling the skin back hard near the top of her slit to expose her clit to the air. She moaned and I barely touched her clit with my finger, causing her to shiver and whimper. But I didn't stay there, I was focused somewhere else. I took my fingers and ran them up and down her slit, collecting her juices. Then I cradled her entire pussy and simply ground my palm into her. She started grinding back hard and moaning. Her whole body was shaking, but I wasn't going to let her come yet. I pulled my hand off and started slowing rubbing the base of her clit's hood. finally I gave her a little of what she wanted and massaged her clit in circles a bit. She tried to grab my arm and hold my hand there as she was bucking hard enough to make contact without me moving my fingers, but I pulled away from her clit. Her pussy and asshole were covered in her juice and it was truly a beautiful sight to see the combination of her young pussy dripping and her cute face all screwed up in frustration and need of release.

I coated my fingertips with her juices and slowly inserted two fingers into her vagina. I began working them in and out slowly, just teasing the inside walls a little. She literally started trying to fuck my fingers, so I went straight for her g-spot. I stuck my fingers in as deep as they would go, then started massaging the front wall of her vagina. it wasn't long before I found her spot, and when I put just a little pressure on it, she sat straight up and moaned 'unghh'. I told her to relax and trust me, and to hold nothing back. She just whimpered okay.

I began working her g-spot like I was telling someone behind her to come here with my fingers. Then I switched to sliding my fingers in a twisting motion all across her spot. She had become really quiet at this point. She pulled her knees up towards her chest a little and I could see her hands were resting on her breasts. She's really uncomfortable about masturbation, but I looked at her and told her it was okay for her to squeeze her breasts, that it turned me on. After that I continued to work her spot while she shakingly rubbed her breasts. I knew that as soon as I started probing her spot towards me again she would probably start to orgasm, so on an impulse I decided she should have clitoral stimulation too. But not from me. I took her hand and placed it on her clitoris. She pulled away but I silenced her and placed her hand there again. Holding her hand, I slowly began massaging her clit. After only a few seconds I let go, and she timidly kept rubbing. After a few more seconds she lost her fear and started grinding her hand into her clit.

I decided now was the time, so I started probing her spot towards me. As I expected, she started screaming short screams and bucking her hips wildly into my hand. This lasted for probably 15 seconds, then she got quiet and her whole body started shaking. She bucked hard a few times then fell onto the bed, still rubbing her clit. My hand was soaking wet with her juices, as was the bed and her lower body. I kept stroking and kissing her whole body for the next few minutes until she moaned and snuggled into my chest.

All I could say to her after seeing her orgasm that hard was that I loved her. She started crying then looked me in the eye and asked me to make love to her. So I did.

After we finished, she told me to lay on the bed. I complied, and she straddled my legs and took a hold of my cock. She slowly started masturbating me. I knew I had been sitting on a massive orgasm all week, and after watching her tonight, I was so ready for this.

She picked up her pace a little and started grabbing my balls, something she had never really done before. She kept telling me how great I was in bed and how much she loved my cock. Then she took her hand and began stroking my entire cock, rubbing her palm over the head each time. This was unbelievable, and I told her I was getting close. She got excited and started asking me to make it shoot a lot. The sight of her beautiful innocent face saying these dirty things combined with her hand working my cock was too much for me to take for long.

In another 30 seconds or so I felt my orgasm start building and told her to get ready. She said something about me coming for her and picked up her speed a little. My orgasm built up for at least 20 seconds, and all I could do was say 'ugh' over and over again. Finally it peaked and I started coming. The first jet hit her straight in the face, a good three feet above my cock. The second shot over her face and into her hair. She kind of aimed back towards my stomach and the third shot went over my head. She was stunned and almost stopped jerking me off, but I wasn't done. Her hand was just holding my cock, not moving, but come was still spewing out in the air. I grabbed my cock and jerked out another two jets before she took control again. She angled my cock away from my body, so I couldn't see where my come was going, but I felt at least four more spurts land on my thighs. The spurts stopped but the contractions continued and come kept running out onto her hand, arm, and the bed. she asked me if I was done and all I could say was I don't know. She kept jerking and a little more came out, one last spurt splashed on her stomach.

She looked right at me and just started laughing. I started laughing too. Since then, she gets excited everytime I'm about to come because she wants to see me do that again.

That's the kind of orgasms you experience when you build up your body to that level. Anyway, I hope you all figure this out like I have. It's really incredible, and I'm really excited about continuing to improve this the rest of my life. Take care.



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