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Alone Upstairs

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I had finished my bath and was exploring the places I shouldn't touch.


I really can't remember a time when I didn't think about sex. Even before I really knew anything about sex at all. When I was two or three, I remember having my little hard-on when I would wake up from a nap. If I would roll over on my stomach and push it down onto the bed, there was a feeling that I liked.

My mother took me to church every Sunday. I would lay beside her in the church pew and think of my penis (I didn't know it had a name, it was just my 'Thing') and of the little girl next door and her older sister, who had let me see their 'Things' out in their garage one day. Their 'Things' were very different from mine and I wondered why. I spent many Sunday services thinking about myself and little girls.

Sometimes my mother would take me to visit with a family who had a boy my age. One day my Mother had dropped me off to play. The boy and I were playing out in the back yard and running through the sprinkler. When we got our clothes all wet, his mother helped us take off our clothes so we could bathe naked. He had a Thing like mine except it was sort of different on the end. I was to learn later that he was circumcised and I was not.

I remember that when we were through with our running naked in the sprinkler in their back yard, his mother helped me dry off. Actually she spent a lot of time drying my penis. She was careful to handle it and look at it from all sides. She even pulled back the foreskin to help me dry even better. My small penis began to harden and she gave it a few strokes with her fingers and smiled.

As you can see, I was always interested in myself and others, at least their private parts.

Back now to my day of self-exploration. On the day of interest, I was only in second grade. I was only about seven years old. My sister and I always took our baths together in the tub in the upstairs bathroom. She was two years older than I. On this particular day, I had paid a lot of attention to the little gash between her legs, slightly gaping as she sat in the tub cross-legged. I don't think she knew that I was looking, but I could feel the excitement in my little 'Thing'. Soon she finished and left the tub. I stayed for a few minutes more while she dressed and I rubbed myself until I was fully hard, not that it was very much to talk about. She finished dressing and I heard her go downstairs. I knew that I was totally alone in the upstairs part of the house. I drained the tub and went into my bedroom. There I continued rubbing myself and found that I was really feeling good down there. I started to pull my foreskin out as far as was comfortable and then I'd push it back down the little shaft to reveal the small head of my penis. I looked carefully at the little slit in the end. It looked like smiling lips turned sideways.

The more I slid the skin up and down, the greater the sensation. The saliva in my mouth even got heavy and I began to moan softly. Soon, with my thumb and forefinger, I was pulling it out and back, faster and harder. Suddenly, the wildest sensation came over me and the feeling in the head of my penis and all along the shaft was the most wonderful feeling ever. The pleasure was so intense.

My orgasm was, of course, without any cum. That would have to wait about five more years, but I certainly didn't wait that long for another solo trip to exctasy. I found lots of opportunities to re-experience the great new feeling.

I'm 63 years old now, happily married, with grown kids, but I never miss an opportunity to Jack-it-Off and I completely enjoy doing it.



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