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Alone Time With Kitten

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The first time I ever gave my girlfriend, Kitten, an orgasm.


To start off, I'm around six foot. I have longer hair than most males, it's parted down the middle and it's straight. I weigh about 185-190 lbs. Kitten and I started going out on April 7, so it's been about two months or so. Kitten is kinda on the heavy side, but not by far, she has nice breasts. She's about two or three inches shorter than me.

One day, when I went to see her, she was at her grandmother's house, that is where she usually stays when her parents are at work. There is a room in the back of the house with a bed and a little tv in front. On the left side if your sitting on the bed facing the tv, is a dresser with a big mirror. We would sit in there and watch tv on the bed holding each other and now and then get into a moment.

I began to rub her lower back gently and felt her shiver in pleasure. I lowered my hand and she turned to me and kissed me. I gazed at her for a moment then blew in her ear softly, she kinda arched her back as I blew. It was a major turn on for her. With my left hand I began to gently rub her nice breasts. I knew she was loving every moment of this, and I loved to pleasure her.

I began to run my left hand down her stomach to where her pussy was, and I'm sure it was wet. She was wearing pretty tight jeans. Once I reached where it was from outside her jeans, it was warm. I slowly began to rub in circles. She widened her legs slightly and began to rock her hips with the way I was rubbing. Every now and then she would gasp. She turned her face towards me and began to kiss my neck and blow in my ear and stick her tongue in my ear, this was a great turn on for me as well. As I was pleasuring her, my dick was throbbing like crazy.

She widened her legs even more as she began to lightly moan, I knew she was about to reach an orgasm. I began to rub faster and slightly harder near her clit. She let out a loud gasp and began to shake slightly. I knew that she had reached an orgasm. When that happened she kinda curled up from the pleasure. After, for about ten seconds she leans back into my arms and whispers in my ear, 'I love it when you play with me.' I smiled and kissed her.

We began to just make out then she got on all fours and buried her head in her arms and stuck her ass up in the air. I gasped slightly, this really got me aroused, I knew she wanted it. She looked like a cat on heat. She turned and looked back at me and winked. I knew that she wanted me to begin to manipulate her clit again. So, I gently reached my right hand around her thigh and up slightly feeling her. I began to rub and slightly squeeze.

Her hips began to move like they did before. This made me really horny, I knew that I already had precum, I felt it down there. I began to rub and squeeze faster and she began to moan a little louder, but she muffled it with her arms. In the time span of five minutes she orgasmed again. She arched her back up and gasped louder than last. She laid there then turned towards me and hugged me, I put my arm around her and we laid there watching tv till I had to leave.

Its amazing how no one barged in on us. Well, I hope you liked reading this as much as I did writing it. I need to go take care of something real quick as this memory has got me really aroused.



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