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Alone? Not Quite!

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Trains in the UK are really great!


The story 'Train ride' prompted me to share one experience I had.

I have always been able to make myself cum by just crossing my legs and squeezing my thighs together. It takes a long time, but sometimes, when I'm in the right mood, that just makes it better.

For those of you outside the UK, the trains we have here are going through something of a transformation. We used to have really crappy old slam door things. Gradually these have been replaces by electric doors and more open carriages. The toilets though are little more than enclosed bubbles. The used to be where the carriages join and were quite discrete, but now they are in plain view. No chance of sneaking into one with someone without the whole carriage noticing.

Ok, so.. I have to take the train home from school every Friday. (I board during the week) There are ususally a lot of us doing that. Sometimes I like to read something horny on the journey and get off by squeezing like I said. This particular Friday, there were only three other girls in the carriage. I didn't know any of them though. I got to reading and feeling damp and I thought I would cross my legs and have some fun. I had just lifted my leg to cross it when the girl sitting diagonally opposite to me actually lowered her head and made no secret of the fact that she wanted to look up my skirt. I paused, leg in the air so she could see. Then I started to squeeze. She then sat there with her legs open quite wide. I could clearly see her knickers and that she was wet. We got to chatting, and I learned her name was Claire. Claire said, 'I guess you know what your doing.' I went bright red and admitted that, yes, I wanted to cum. Claire told me that she really loves the feeling of wetness in her knickers sometimes. (I must admit, I do too) Then she stood up and headed for the toilet cubicle, gesturing that I could follow if I wanted. (As if I was going to refuse!)

Once inside, Claire propped herself with her bum against the sink and lifted her skirt. She slipped her hand into her panties and began rubbing herself. I sat on the toilet and did the same. Claire soon started to look flushed...(hehehehe.. apropriate word!) Then, like, right out of the blue, she asked me if I would do something for her. I assumed she wanted me to rub her and I started to get up off the toilet. Claire said 'No, stay there. I want to watch you pee in your knickers.' Something that had not ever occurred to me could be in any way sexy. There was something about the whole situation though that was, well, kinda way beyond erotic... so I figured what the hell. I opened my legs really wide so she could see and scooted forward and then I leaned my shoulders against the train wall. It was hard to let go, but I managed to let at first a drip and then a slow trickle go. Claire knelt in front of me with her hand inside her knickers. She had a close up view of my wet patch spreading and, holy SHIT, did it ever feel good. (Well, good/naughty/forbidden/ erotic.)

Claire leaned forward and kissed my tummy just above the waistband and then kissed my mound as she came. I jammed my hand back into my now soaked knickers and with just a couple of flicks had an explosive orgasm. I stood up and took my wet knickers off and chucked them in the bin. I was going to walk home from the station with no knickers on. (Something I do sometimes, when I want to get horny and want to do something kinky.) Claire also took her panties off. She was totally smooth, as am I. She handed her panties to me! I took them from her and smelled her pussy on them and then, (and Claire, I LOVE you for suggesting this) she told me I could put them on! For any guys reading this, putting on a pair of dirty panties is something we are trained NOT to do, but I just loved the thought of having her pussy against mine. I stepped into them and pulled them up.

For the remainder of the journey, which, sadly was only about ten minutes, Claire and I hugged and kisseed. (I have never touched another girl sexually, but I have fantasised about it.) When my station came up, I left the train and walked home. I could feel the stickiness of Claire against me and by the time I got home, I needed to cum again. I ran up to my bedroom and slipped the knickers off and held them to my face. There was a slight hint of me, but the smell of Claire's pussy was noticable. I flicked myself to the point of no return and then, just as I cummed, I licked the knickers. What a BLAST.

Claire and I have met up a couple of times since then, and she has taught me what it is to love another girl. I have a boyfriend and I haven't told him about me and Claire yet. Claire knows I have a boyfriend, and one time when I met up with Claire, I had not long before made love with Chris. I thought this would make Claire not want to play, but instead, she used her tonuge on me.

I could write loads more about the things Claire has got me to do, but I have to go finish myslef now.

Happy jilling girls!



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