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Alone, Making It Squirt

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I've been trying to get some distance out of my ejaculations.


I'd always wanted to shoot my semen out like the porn-stars in videos and the stories you read on Solo Touch. But I could count on one hand the number of times I'd actually had an orgasm where the semen squirted out rather than just rolling out of the end of my cock. It had happened a few times (to great effect, squirting several feet) but to this day I never did figure out what caused it. Apart from those few times, my cum always just dribbled out.

The times when I did have cum squirt out a good distance, were completely accidental, and felt just like normal orgasms except that cum was hitting the wall or was shot out on my desk or bed. But recently I found a way to make my semen squirt at least a foot, at will.

A few days ago, I masturbated for about 40 minutes, and as my orgasm approached, I relaxed my groin muscles as best I could, and stopped stroking. Then, while gently squeezing the dark, shiny red head of my penis with my index finger and thumb (to make the hole a little smaller), I squeezed those muscles as hard as I could. So, I had created a high pressure shot by bearing down, and increased the speed of the shot by reducing the size of the outlet. My reward, a long, thick stream of semen shot out of my penis, flying several feet, accompanied by a squirting sound and an incredible surge of pleasure as it squeezed out of my sensitive head. I could actually feel it squirt past the tip. It wound up stretched over my keyboard (oops) and the edge of my desk. I bore down again and the next shot burst forth, onto the floor, well over the tissues I was holding out with my other hand to catch the ejaculation. I squeezed a third time, and a third shot erupted and this time landed on the tissues about five inches away from the end of my cock.

Each shot made me gasp with pleasure. They felt like orgasmic contractions, but centered in my groin. Even after this, my penis still felt full. I couldn't help it anymore and started stroking again. At this point I proceeded to have my normal orgasm (all over the body) and a couple more big blobs of cum fell into the tissue. It was as if I had come twice in one session. The tissue was soaked with a massive load, much more than usual. I'd just masturbated the day before too, so it wasn't as if I'd saved up.

The next day, I was curious as to how well it worked, so I tried the same technique of relaxing, then bearing down and squeezing the head, but only masturbated for about ten minutes before letting myself cum. My first shot was thick and flew about a foot.

You natural shooters may not think it's a big deal, but I love seeing and feeling the cum burst out.



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