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Alone in a Hotel

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This is a true story and completely out of character to what I ever believed I would do. I am a frequent player on my own (although I should say, I am also happily married) and have my favourite fantasies to masturbate along with.

Last year I was on a business trip which took me away from home for a month. I get fed up eating out on my own every night so booked a hotel with a small suite with kitchen so that I could cook for myself occasionally if I wanted to be on my own. The room/s consisted of a kitchen area and lounge with TV and then another room with bed and bathroom. There were two entry doors from the outside corridor into the bedroom and one for the lounge areas.

Anyway, one Saturday morning about 7:30 I was involved in my favourite pastime and enjoying a nice slow session of masturbation with no distractions. When I'm alone like this I can go for ages, stopping and starting, taking myself to the edge, getting real wet with pre cum.

It was about 8:00 when I heard the maid service in the corridor. Knocking on the doors and calling out before entering. I had the 'Do not disturb' sign on the door and it was also locked, so I didn't bother to cover up under the sheets but the knocking did stop me stroking for a while.

The maid service noise went after a few minutes so I resumed stroking my hard wet penis. I was soaking with pre cum and was sliding my hand up and down the full length and tip with ease. I like to go slow right up until I ejaculate if I can.

I don't make a lot of noise when I cum, just some quiet grunting, but this time I really squirted more than normal and It splashed all over my chest and I guess I made a little more noise than normal.

When I opened my eyes (I normally masturbate with eyes closed) to clean up, the first thing I saw was the maid standing beside the bed. Our eyes met and then they dropped to my penis, then back to look at me again. 'Excuse Me' she says and just walks out. I didn't know if she had just walked in or had been watching for 5 secs or 5 minutes.

I didn't know what to do later because I was afraid to meet her when I left my room. Guess what, she must have been waiting because about an hour later when I went out she was cleaning the next room to mine and came into the corridor as I came out of my room. Our eyes met again and I blurted an apology. 'Don't worry, I see all sorts of things in my job' she said with a big smile on her face and dropped her eyes down to my crotch again. I did find that the 'do not disturb' sign was only on the bedroom door and not also on the lounge door-where she had entered.

Later, that night I was in the bar and talking to some of the locals-who you get to know when away for several weeks on end. Anyway, there was one girl about my age who I had got friendly with-not sexually-but we did get on really well. At a quiet moment she leaned across to me and said 'My friend told me an interesting story this morning-she caught the guy in room 123 masturbating. I wish I could have been there. Isn't that your room?' Obviously my little act of being caught had spread around. 'Can I come to your room and watch?'

I've never even discussed masturbating with anyone before-never mind being caught (except by my wife on one occasion) I couldn't believe what I heard. I couldn't believe either that I gave her my spare room key and said I was going to my room for a quiet lie down.

I got to my room, slipped off my clothes and lay on the bed, thinking about this morning and what I was about to do. It didn't take me long to get hard and wet-I was already wet from the discussion in the bar. After a few minutes I heard the door quietly open in the lounge part of my hotel room. I kept my eyes shut and carried on stroking and rubbing. Unfortunately I came quicker than I wanted and didn't ejaculate as much as the morning. Although my eyes were closed, I could sense her near me.

When I finished, I opened my eyes and she was gone. I cleaned up and went down to the bar again. She was sat at the bar with a drink ready for me. She leaned over, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said 'Thank you'

I have returned to the hotel since and met my friend (but never the maid who caught me the first time). We have spoken about it but nothing has ever happened again-YET.



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