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Alone at Neighbor's House

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Best orgasm I've had yet


Down the street from my house lives this insanely hot 26-year-old woman. She's so sexy that I can't believe she isn't married yet. I'd guess she's a few inches shorter than six feet, big, brown eyes, long blonde hair, a perfect body with some average-sized boobs, hour-glassing down to a thin waist and a big butt. Plus, she's got this skin that's just supernatural; it's like it tightly fits around her whole slender body and it's always this perfect shade of gold-tan. Needless to say, about every time I see her, walking her dog outside or whatever, I get so hard I have to go and relieve myself of the sexual tension I feel.

One day last summer (bit less than a year ago), she came to my house and asked me a favor; this isn't uncommon because I'm often doing small jobs for her, raking her leaves, mowing her lawn and whatnot. She was going away on a week-and-a-half long trip and she was wondering if I could dogsit for her so she wouldn't have to worry about a kennel. As usual, I gladly accepted: Both the money and the satisfaction of helping out such a goddess were both greatly welcome to me.

Now, it should be known that my normal pattern of masturbation is once every two or three days; I don't really make a habit of it, I just wait until it can't wait any longer. Sometimes it happens a bit more frequently if the horniness is induced (ex. when I'm around a really hot girl). The first week that I took care of her dog had been a rather busy, stressful one and I hadn't jacked off once during that span. Obviously after a week without masturbation, it got to the point where I was really incredibly horny, ready to fuck about anything I could fit my nearly-constantly hard cock into.

One day I went down to her house and after going through the routine of letting the dog out to go to the bathroom and giving it fresh food and water, I decided it could not wait any longer. I had an idea that was more along the lines of wishful thinking. I went up to her room and snooped around, searching for any slight clue that would help me peer into the hot chick's sex life. I found some really sexy underwear, lace bras and tiny, hot thongs of different colors and designs.

I was already getting really worked up imagining her with the hot lace bras wrapped around her firm, beautiful chest and the tight, small thongs covering up her hot pussy, but decided to look a little while longer before calling it quits and relieving myself. It paid off; I hit the jackpot. In one drawer hidden not well at all (She lives alone) were two erotic novels, a stack of porn mags and a suspicious unmarked tape, plus two vibrators. I put the tape in the VCR in her room and YES! It was her videotaping herself. I guess living alone, she's got a lot of spare time on her hands. It was such a priceless moment that I can still remember it clearly even now. From what I remember, in the tape, she was standing before her bed wearing a bathrobe and was acting very relaxed; it was evident she had just taken a hot bath. She slowly slipped off the robe and revealed her beautiful, tanned, hairless body. I remember she turned round to climb into bed to reveal her perfect, tight ass. Then, she turned to face the camera, bit her lip mischeviously, and slipped one of the vibrators out from under her pillows. Then, as I remember, she wasted no time going at it. It was really a dream come true for me that she made this.

Her body flowed so flawlessly and beautifully as she pushed the vibrator in and out. She wasn't vocal, but her breathing was noticeably affected. She got faster and faster and after a couple minutes, her eyes rolled back and the eyelids half-closed and her hair, damp from the bath, was flung as she threw her head back, her mouth open allowing a slight moan to escape. Then she pulled the vibrator out and laid back catching her breath. By now, I was so horny that if I didn't do something about it I felt like I'd explode. On the tape it looked like she was going to try again, I decided to see if I could time my orgasm with hers.

I quickly took off my baggy jeans and my shirt and sat down on the floor against the side of the bed. I looked up at the T.V. to see if I could do this. I took off my boxers and looked at my rockhard, seven inch cock. It was veiny and throbbing and in serious need of action. I wrapped my hand around it and it was so sensitive to the touch. I rubbed up and down very slowly for a few seconds forcing a couple of desperate gasps out of me. Then, I sped things up, pumping up and down my superhard cock, up and down up and down. My breathing was faster and deeper than it's ever been, even after sports. In what was probably under thirty seconds, my toes curled, my legs arms and abs tightned, and I let out several loud, strained groans. I shot my load of cum over a foot in what is still the best orgasm I've ever felt to date. I was definitely unable to have it at the same time as she did, she came again much later. After regaining her composure she stumbled over to the camera and turned it off. There was some more but I wasn't up to it, I was completely spent.

After spending a few minutes catching my breath, I dressed back up, put everything as I left it (rewound the tape) and headed out. I lied to my mom and said it took so long 'cause the dog wasn't cooperating'.

That was the best orgasm of my life so far. I feel like an incredibly lucky guy to have seen her like that, even if it wasn't in person. Whoever she ends up with, no doubt they'll be one of the luckiest people alive. Well, that's my story, hope you enjoyed it. Just remembering it all from last year has made me incredibly hard, so I'm going to go take care of it now.



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