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Alone at 43

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A year ago my life seemed like it was in ruins,I had just gone thru a terrible divorce,I was depressed and I was gaining a lot of weight. Then a few friends got together and told me I'd better do something or I would be in alot more trouble than I was then.

I went on a diet, got a different job and at 43 started to exercise for the first time in my life. I felt better,looked a whole lot better and even thought about dating again.

Then one night after a shower I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to make another change. At the health club there were separate showers but a single dressing area and I noticed that most if not all of the younger women and girls had done quite a bit of trimming and shaving of their pubic hair. I still had a full bush, having never even thought of trimming it before and I decided to trim it for the first time.

I wasn't sure how to really do it so I gathered up scissors, razor and a hand mirror and sat down at the kitchen table.I put some news paper on the floor and started with the scissors. Now in all my years as an adult I had never really looked at myself down there but as I clipped away I started to see how I really looked.When the hair was about a quarter inch long I picked up the razor and shaved along the edges.

Getting everything even was harder than I thought it would be and it took three or four tries before I thought it looked half way decent.Meanwhile sitting there naked with my legs propped up looking at myself in that little hand mirror had make me hornier than I'd been in years. My nipples were erect and from all the pushing and prodding with my fingers while I was shaving my clit was tender and I was quite moist.

I had never masturbated in my whole life,not even when I was a teenager or at college but my fingers seemed to know exactly what to do and after a few minutes I came for the first time in fifteen years or so.I just sat there stunned not believing what had just happened but loving every minute of it.

I cleaned myself up and went to bed but after maybe fifteen minutes of laying there I did myself again. It took longer this time but felt just as good and the next morning when I woke up I did it again.Three orgasms in less than twenty-four hours, nothing like that had ever happened before,I'd been lucky when I was married to have one a year.

After work that night when I took my shower I wondered what it would look like if I shaved more of myself.I sat at the kitchen table with the razor and when I was done I only had a small tuft of hair left above my slit.Now I could really see what I looked like down there,all the little folds and bumps were clearly visible. I liked the way I looked.

Then I did something I'd never done before and didn't bother dressing. For the rest of the night I stayed nude around the apartment,making supper,doing the dishes and some washing and ironing. I watched TV for awhile and then finally went to bed.

I found I was turned on just from being naked like that and the next thing I knew I was again masturbating to a very enjoyable climax.

I was hooked and after that my routine was pretty much the same.I'd come home from work,take a quick shower and do any trimming or shaving that I thought was necessary and then spent the rest of the night nude until it was time for bed where I'd get myself off.

Sometimes though I couldn't wait and would stand in front of the full length mirror at the end of the hall and do myself right there.I had some great orgasms there,standing in the hall watching my fingers do their thing.

Someday I might try a vibrater but for right now everything is just fine.



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