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Alone Amd Daring

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As long as I can remember, my parents and I spent at least one week in every year on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura. Wonderful beaches, never too hot and never cold, just wonderful. During out last stay, I had a very sexy (and a bit scary) adventure.

We went to a new beach called Sotovento, just 15 minutes from our hotel next to a sailing school, but if you walk for a few minutes it gets quiet and secluded, dunes running up a hill, and because it's a bit windy there, you find a lot ofstones heaped together to form a little wall to protect the sunbathers from the wind. Everybody runs nude, my parents too, and I love it myself.

I should tell you that I´m masturbating for quite some time now and I feel very sexy when I walk around nude for everyone to see me. But when I´m with my parents, I am not free to do what I want so I usually just swim, and read, and dream.

As we were walking to look for a place to sunbathe my dad suddenly stopped and turned. 'Hey, that´s a swinger place, we better leave' he mumbled and I just caught a glimpse of some naked people, but I couldn´t see what they were doing. As we talk and feel very liberal at home I knew what he meant, so we retreated and went to the other side of the sailing club with its' modest family beaches. But I was very curious and later, when in bed I fantasized and masturbated a lot thinking of that spot and imagining what would go on there.

Two days later my parents were busy with friends so I went to the beach alone, and of course I headed for that 'forbiden' beach area. I saw some people in the far distance but was to shy to move closer so I climbed the dunes uphill and spread my blanket behind one of these stone heaps. When lying down nobody could see you. I took off all my stuff and enjoyed the hot sun on my naked body, that always makes me feel very sexy, and since I was all alone I closed my eyes and started to play with my pussy, mmm, it felt so good.

I opened my eyes again when I heard soft steps in the sand, and there was a guy coming down from the dunes. I was scared at first, being all alone, but I noticed he did not head for me but was crossing in a little distance, although he was looking at me. Then he stopped, some ten feet away, pretending to watch the scenery, but I knew he was watching me. I was scared and didn´t move, but he did not get closer. I wore my sunglasses so I could watch him without staring, and I saw his cock getting hard. He still didn't get closer, but now was looking directly at me and his cock was all up and hard now. He was an older man, at least 40, but I noticed that he had shaved off all hair around his penis.

Although I still felt scared, I was aroused at the same time. I did not move, but I enjoyed being watched all naked and arousng an older guy. Then he slowly touched his cock always looking at me to see if this wold scare me, but when I did not move he started rubbing his cock, and eventually he was masturbating.

I could not help it, but also used my finger, my hand was still over my pussy, so I softly masturbated myself. I got a bit frightened when he came closer, but he stopped, still outside touching distance, and proceeded to masturbate, now really good and hard. When I felt safe I started to do the same. Suddenly another man approached also with his cock all the way up, but he seemed more interested in the other guy because he moved close to him and watched him jerking off while starting to masturbate also.

Such a wild scene, me naked on my blanket and two guys jerking off in front of me. I lost all shyness and masturbated quite openly, spreading my legs and letting them see my fingers working. The newcomer was reaching out for the cock of the firs guy, I expected him to protest but he seemed to like it. He was moaning now and after a few strokes he came and his stuff was shooting out, and that made me come also, so I let go and enjoyed a shaking orgasm, and when I opened my eyes again both were gone.

Eventually I was a bit scared so I left, but you bet that I still masturbate a lot thinking of my adventure. For April we plan our next trip to Fuerteventura, I'm dreamin already.



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