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Almost Public Masturbation'

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Having just discovered your browsers' contributions page and especially after reading Lisa's input, I can only add.
I began solo when I was 15 by waking up in the middle of the night with an erection and began touching it which gave me the most incredible sensations until this incredible feeling overcame my body and my jocks became very wet. At first I thought I had wet my pants until I smelt the liquid and realized otherwise.
After this incident I was going solo at least twice a day, and started trying new techniques and places. Like Lisa I started going naked for an hour or so after school and then poured some oil on my erection and slowly rub my hand up and down my shaft until the most incredible orgasm happened. I started becoming more and more daring and began swimming in the backyard pool naked and let the smooth sides and bottom rub gently on my erection and testicles which felt incredible until I couldn't resist anymore and let my hand take over. I kept this up for most the summer until mum came out the backyard one day, and nearly took me by surprise. I managed to cover up before she reached the pool.
When I started work, I came in contact with some of the most sensational magazines with some great stories, due to the nature of these stories I became incredibly aroused and used to disappear during the lunch hour and enjoy myself. The longer I stayed there the more daring I became and even done with my clothes on in the staff lunch room and once even had a lady come in and nearly catch me, she eyed me off I must have looked really sheepish because she gave my crotch a real good eye over.
When I first went on my first overseas holiday, it really gave me the opportunity to enjoy myself I used lie back a rub oil on my erection and let myself go. I even managed to hold off for well over an hour before succumbing to the some of the most incredible orgasms. I even tasted my own cum once; it was an incredible turn on. (I am not gay and would never have an affair with a man the thought makes me sick).
Sexual experiences with woman are great, but with most of them I notice that they are shy in the "bedroom", and the experiences with the better ones are incredible they lead you to the point nearly no return then let you ease off, then bring you again to the point and let you go over with the most mind blowing experience, sometimes with their hands, sometimes with their mouths and of course through normal sex but some times they would lead you on and then leave with big smiles and of course I had to finish the job myself. Having sex with a woman is an incredible thing as the tenderness, taste, and closeness could never be matched but going solo is a totally different world of pleasure.
I'm 29 now and still do it at least 3 times a week sometimes more. I was once at a Local public swimming pool kicking back in the spa when the jets started to give some very nice sensations, with other people in there with me. I wasn't the slightest bit worried about them; I just the sensations coming until I climaxed, but the warm water and the jets kept me erect so the only way I could make my way to the change rooms was with a well placed towel and corner in the changerooms was the only way I stopped myself being discovered.
I still find the most incredible climaxes come, when I have the house to myself and lie or wander around nude with an erection and until I can't resist any further. I lie down and pour some oil on, read a "dirty" story to get a fantasy going followed by looking at a naked lady that has me covered in cum very quickly and very enjoyable.
I have yet to become as daring as some of the other writers but there's plenty of time I hope. It's great to have some of our lady writers telling us about their experience; I can only hope that one day I will be lucky to be get involved in a long term relationship with a girl just as daring and pleasurable. -- Anonymous



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