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Almost Got Caught With 'Brad'

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Oh boy, back in October 2005 I submitted my story about me and 'Brad' at work, and I know there were a couple of comments wondering if we ever carried on with our 'fun'. Well, until recently, no, we did not, other than some flirting.

After my husband walked out on me recently, I went back to work for the same company, and 'Brad' had moved on to other employment. I'm also not quite the same woman I was when we worked together before, thanks to my unfaithful ex-husband, I've lost a considerable amount of weight. I've actually been referred to as 'skinny', and someone seriously asked me the other day if I was about twenty-something!

When 'Brad' heard I was back at work, he started coming to see me one day every week. He picked up right where he had left off with his flirting and coming on to me, but this time I protested even less than I had before. He has stepped up his performances a notch, too. Instead of flirting and suggestive comments, he will just walk right into the office and cup my breasts from behind, or flip me back in my office chair and kiss me full on the mouth.

A few weeks ago, he caught me alone in the building, and he came in and flipped me back in my chair and proceeded to kiss me more passionately than I have ever been kissed in my life! He has the sexiest, full lips, and he tastes sooo good! Just kissing him makes my clit throb and my panties get wet!

I know he could tell by the way I kissed him back that I was COMPLETELY into it! He started to rub my pussy through my little booty shorts, and had just released one of my titties from the confines of my bra when we heard the showroom doors open! I quickly covered up while he raced to the office door in time to intercept the mailman!

As soon as the mailman left, we moved to an inner office and resumed our passionate 'makeout' session. We had no sooner gotten both of our shorts unzipped when we heard the showroom doors again! Talk about frustration! Another deliveryman!

'Brad' kissed me so tenderly, so deeply, so fully, I swear he was made just for kissing! I had begged my husband for years to 'makeout' with me like we were two teenagers in the backseat of a car, I knew that it would be SO HOT! This was even better than when I WAS a teenager in the backseat of a car!

'Brad' fondled my breasts, sucking on my nipples, and finally got one hand inside my shorts to rub my clit. I reached behind him and grabbed his tight, muscular ass with both hands. He released my nipple from his mouth, and resumed kissing me again. When he knew I was about to cum, he buried his face in my neck and whispered over and over, 'Cum for me baby, cum just for me Cassie, please cum all over my hand,' all the while holding me up due to my knees seriously buckling under me.

Once he had given me several orgasms, and held me upright for several minutes while I recovered, I happily returned the favor, and that was the start of a whole new phase of our 'relationship'.

Believe it or not, we no sooner put ourselves back together when we heard the showroom doors again, and in walked another employee! We decided we both like the thought of 'getting caught', though we don't actually WANT to get caught, we like the excitement of knowing we COULD be!

He actually came to my house one night last week, and gave me several more explosive orgasms before I 'blew his mind'! Once he had gone, I could smell his scent on me for several hours, and it was so comforting after living alone for so long since my husband left!

I doubt that we will ever have a full-blown sexual relationship, but this is good enough for right now. We are currently looking for new 'dangerous' places to rendevous! Now, seriously, 40 year old ladies out there, wouldn't YOU enjoy the attentions of a hot 28 year old man? I KNOW I DO!!!



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