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Almost Got Caught by Stepdad

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This site rocks, I read the stories almost daily and enjoy a little jillin' fun. keep up the work!!


I recently started my first year at university, but have still kept my job, just dropped from full-time to part-time.

After a busy long day of classes and such, I went to the gym to get in a workout before work. I finally showered and headed reluctantly to work, didn't feel like going at all. But I did and in the end I was happy I did (wink).

I arrived at the store I work at and just as I get behind the counter, one of the girls, Jenn, says 'Ash, oh my god...they've hired a new guy to work evenings and he is sooooooooooooooo hot. I am so jealous of you, you're working with him tonight'. Just then our manager comes walking out of the back and right behind him was the hottest looking cut guy I had seen in a long time. Dave (manager) said 'Ah Ashleigh, this is Kurt. You and he will be working together'.

So since I have worked nights many times before, I have closed up at the end of the evening and was asked to walk Kurt through the routine. Dave and Jenn both left around five o'clock, leaving myself and Kurt to man the shop until close.

We served a few customers right away and then there was a slow time. During which we chatted and talked about things on routines in the shop, taking turns serving customers as they come in and other things. All of a sudden, it went from only one person in line to around fifteen people and we were hopping. We were going crazy trying to keep up pace and not have people waiting to long to place their orders and get there food. The entire time we are making up the sandwiches, we kept bumping into each other and everytime Kurt did, I felt arousing tingles going through me.

I even think I blushed at one point, the lady I was serving made a comment about it.

Now we jump to when it slowed down again and it finally came time to close up for the night. As I locked the door, I told Kurt to wipe down all the tables and the counter by the fountain drink machine. As he did that, I emptied all the garbage cans and got ready to do cash out. As the till receipts were being run off, I tidied the counter and area. Kurt came along and walked past me, accidently bumping into me as he mopped the floor. He apologized and went on.

We got everything done and left the shop. I locked up and said 'do you have a way home?' He said 'No, no one was home to come get me'. I unlocked my car and said 'Come on, I'll drop ya off. Where do you live?'. He told me and it was right on my way home. I dropped him at his house and went home. Ever since the first time earlier in the evening when he had first bumped into me, I was aroused, horny even and had so badly wanted to jill, but didn't have time to.

Well, the more I thought of it, I felt my pussy was on fire and in need of attention. I reached down and started to massage my genital area through my jeans as I drove. By the time I reached home I had a hand down my pants rubbing my pussy and it was so wet. I just needed to get off bad. I noticed all the lights were off in the house, except for the one on the timer in the living room. So I thought to myself 'ok good, I have got time for myself and can enjoy getting off'. I hit the button to open the garage door and I parked my car. As I shut my car off, it was like a bolt of stimulation went through my groin, maybe from the way I was seated, I don't know. Then I had this thought of being a little naughty and jilling in the car go through my head.

Next thing I know, I hit the button and closed the door. I put in a cd and sat back and then started to play with my breasts through my shirt and then slid my hands down to my crotch and rubbed it for a bit.

When I couldn't take it anymore, I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down along with my panties and sat back and just started rubbing my pussy lips, pubes and down to my butt with one hand while with the other, I slid one finger, then two and finally three into my hole. Within forty-five seconds to a minute I came to a hard orgasm.

I sat there basking for a few minutes and almost started to go at it again, when I heard a car pull up and the door of the garage opening. I quickly pulled on my jeans and got out of the car. My stepdad pulled in and parked and said 'Hi there, have a good night at work? When did you get in?' I said 'Work was ok. Got in like twenty minutes ago. But am just getting out of the car now, as there was a thing on the radio I wanted to finish listening to.' He just gave me a funny look and said 'Ok then. I have got some work to do, tell your mother I will be in the office' and headed inside. Had he shown up like two mintues earlier he'd have caught me masturbating in the car!

I reached into my car to grab my knapsack and purse and discovered there was a wet spot on my seat. Guess I was hornier than I thought, (blush). I went inside and was just watching tv when my mom and brother came home. Around ten, I headed down to my room and checked my emails and then climbed onto my bed to read. In the book I am reading there is this description of a very hot sex encounter by this couple and it made me horny all over.

This time though my hands and fingers just didn't do it for me. So I got out my trusty variety of toys and used my one 'Y' shaped (each tip is to go into your pussy and your butt) vibrator. I turned it on slow at first and just worked it while I read. I finally put the book down and concentrated on the fun and got off to another powerful orgasm. This time I even felt my body tense and felt my juices gush out. I fell asleep on my bed naked and just woke up.

Wanted to share this before I forget too!



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