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Almost Caught

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My girlfriend ('Sue') and I live in an apartment in the basement of her parents' house. We're both attending graduate school. Sue gives music lessons in the late afternoon to earn extra money. The piano is in her parents' place upstairs so that's where she gives lessons. She doesn't want me to jerk off and I figure there's no use arguing about it. So I do it when she's with a student upstairs. That's the only time of day that I have complete privacy. As long I can hear the piano playing I'm safe to play with my cock. Sue thinks I'm busy studying or watching TV. When the music stops I know that she has finished the lesson.
When I lived in the dorms a couple of years back, my roomie told me all about edging. We both used to do it all the time before going to sleep. So I'm a confirmed masturbator. I really enjoy sex with my girlfriend but solo time is important too. I like to sit back against the arm of the sofa with my knees bent up and my feet touching. My pants and boxers pulled down around my ankles. I lube up and stroke the head of my cock for about a half hour, riding the waves of orgasm and then finally go off, letting the cum squirt into a wash cloth that I keep handy.
Each music lesson lasts about 45 minutes so that gives me lots of time to enjoy my cock, clean up, pull up my pants and rinse out the cloth before my girlfriend comes back downstairs. But last week I had a very close call. As usual she was upstairs teaching piano. Anyhow, I was nicely lubed up on the sofa, gently stroking the tip of my cock. I was 'riding the razor's edge' for about 20 minutes or so, right on the brink and enjoying the nice waves of orgasm. I could hear the piano plinking away upstairs. Suddenly my girlfriend walked right past the open doorway, about 4 feet from the end of the sofa. Had she looked into the room she would have had a full view of my crotch, pants down, fist on my cock. I froze but the surprise made me lose my edge - I couldn't hold back and cum spontaneously spurted out onto the sofa and down my cock. I didn't move another muscle but just waited for the inevitable.
Sue had apparently come downstairs to get some sheet music. She returned past the open door on her way back upstairs, again without looking into the room. She was in a hurry because her student was still at the piano. She didn't see me sitting there in full view, my knees propped up, cock and balls drenched in cum. Wow, that was a very close call! I cleaned up fast and pulled up my pants. About a half hour later Sue was sitting on the sofa watching the news on TV. She asked me if I had spilled something on the sofa - there was a wet spot on the fabric. I told her I must have tipped my Starbucks coffee.



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