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Almost Caught

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I had been in my bedroom a couple of hours, rubbing my cock while spending time in chat rooms, when I heard what sounded like a vehicle outside my house. I went and looked out my window which faces into my front courtyard and saw that some knucklehead had parked their pickup directly outside my front gate. (If I'd had to run out the gate, I would have had a Ford emblem tattooed on my chest!)

I was a little annoyed by this, even though I wasn't planning on going out my front gate-I was after all, completely naked with a throbbing cock. After thinking about it a couple of minutes, I decided to turn off my front porch light and head outside. Of course, I decided to wait until I was sure that the moron had left the truck-my front door is directly back from the gate and anyone sitting in the truck would have seen me walking out the front door. I opened the door and headed out into the night.

A warm breeze was blowing from the south, but the sky was clouded over enough that my yard was really quite lit up (more than I had expected, in fact-if any neighbors were looking out their second floor windows, I would have been Mr. Visible!)

I walked outside and, to my dismay, my erection started to fade. I guess that happens as you get older. Anyhow, I had just walked out past my courtyard toward my backyard when I heard a noise. Whoever it was who drove the truck had come back to it and climbed in the cab. The next thing I knew, they had fired it up and turned on the headlights-brightly illuminating my front courtyard, front door, and a good portion of my yard. Even though I wouldn't have been visible to them from where I was standing, there was no way for me to get back into my house! My only unlocked door was in the glare of the headlights.

I waited there for a couple of minutes to see what would happen. Nothing. The truck sat there idling. Then they turned out their headlights, as my neighbor (who they were visiting) had come over to speak with the driver. I could hear a conversation going on only about 15 feet from where I was, and there I stood, naked as a jaybird. I decided to sit down on the ground to wait them out. Little did I know they were about to have an extended conversation...

As I sat there in the warm breeze, my cock and balls lit up in the purplish sky light, I decided I needed to finish what I'd started earlier. It didn't take but a minute for my cock to swell back up and for me to take hold and start pumping. I moved closer and closer to my front door-and possible discovery-and then shot my load as I was almost in view of the front courtyard. I let out an audible sigh of relief (release!) and sat back down, the last bits of cum dribbling out onto my legs. Within only a few minutes, the truck backed up, turned on its headlights and left. I got up and headed into the house, the last bit of cum dripping off my now-limp cock. If I'd walked out the door only a moment later, I would have been caught red-handed-and red-cocked!



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