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Almost Caught

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I can remember from small that it always got me excited to play with myself when I knew there was a 'safe' risk of being caught. It began at home, I would do it in the stairwell, or in a room adjacent to one with people in it. As I got older, I got a bit more daring and took it outside of the home, here is one account of it. When I was 14, I managed to discreetly bring myself to orgasm while riding on a bus trip, I never left my seat! I was trying to pass the time, quietly reading a book, but my mind was drifting off thinking of other things, eventually I began thinking about the sex I hadn't had yet - which made me think of masturbating, which totally and instantly began to make me wet. The more I thought of it, the more I could feel myself in need of attention, my entire pussy began to feel warm and alive and the wetness was soaking through my underwear and nearly through my cotton pants. My first thought was to take matters in to the bus bathroom, but I really did not like going in those things if I could help it. So, I got more creative. I slouched down in my seat & tilted my book back so the spine of it was resting on top of my clit through my pants. I began to move the book ever so slightly, at this point my pussy was so wet that my panties just slid around over top of my clit, I can just remember how warm, wet and wonderful it felt. I kept rubbing the book in tiny, slow circles, the buildup was so hot and intense. It only took about a minute until it became unbearably pleasurable, my orgasm came on strong & it was extremely intense...so intense it made my body jerk. I had to quickly sit up to make it look like I had done it on purpose! By now my cum had soaked right through my pants, I could feel the wet spot between my legs, so I inevitably did have to excuse myself to the bathroom the clean myself up, but it was so exciting and absolutely worth it.

While I am writing, I will also share my latest 'public' experience, it happened while I was working. I work in a public retail situation that involves some sit-down computer work. I know this is wrong, and also that I'm not the only one...but, when I'm alone I take time to look around the internet, I love to read about and watch masturbation, male and female. I was actually reading stories from this forum and becoming really turned on, which of course led me to think about doing it myself. I began teasing myself by spreading my legs wide open as I sat, I could feel the tingle begin, as I read more I could feel my juices seeping out of me. I wanted so badly to just reach down and get myself off, but I liked making myself wait, it makes for a much stronger orgasm in the end. I let myself get so wet that all I had to do was rub my pussy back and forth in my tight jeans, I could feel my clit rubbing around from side to side and over the tight seam in the crotch of my jeans. At this point I quickly slid my hand down the front of my pants, I just needed to touch myself and feel how wet I was. I rubbed around a little, very slowy, I was too close to cumming and I didn't want it to be over yet, so I pulled my hand back out and licked my finger off. I love the taste of my own pussy, and the smell is intoxicating! I handlessy rubbed around inside of my jeans a little more until I knew I had gone too far, I was cumming no matter what, there was absolutely no stopping it! It was starting off so intense, I could feel it begin high up inside of my pussy and working it's way down to my clit. I was holding my breath and thinking 'Oh...my...god!', when I heard the door open and in walks a customer, right up to the counter where I sat. I was still cumming and had to greet him and ask if I could help him...of course he had no clue, I just looked as if I was sitting there doing my job! I was doing A job, alright! I had to get up and walk around the store with him to show him what he was looking for, the entire time my pussy was still contracting and calming down from an explosive orgasm, it felt so good as my legs rubbed together while I walked, though. It helped to finish me off completely, I was so wet and my face had to be absolutely flushed, I could just feel it. The thought of me knowing that I had just cum in his presence while he had no idea was so exhilerating, I wonder what he woud think if he knew? Scratch that - a young guy in his early 20's...I'm pretty sure I know what he'd think...too bad he never knew! Oh, well! So, next time you walk into a store and the clerk seems overly happy to help you, be suspicious...be very suspicious!



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