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Almost Bi

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Wanted to know


I am 55 years old and as far back as I can remember I was always curious about touching another man's cock. Getting off with him. I consider myself straight but curious. Through the years I have had phone sex with guys and lately even did cam to cam. Once I masturbated while three men watched me and that really got me excited knowing they were watching me. I have gone on the net a few times and looked in the men seeking men section of a certain website. Just curious about who's saying what and looking at the pics of the cocks.

I also have masturbated to gay porn quite a bit. Usually its the older men, grandfather types that I like cumming to. The idea of having an older guy touch me and offer me his cock to explore is a great fantasy of mine.

Well one day while searching men seeking men I came upon an ad from a older guy seeking a guy to spank. I am a submissive by nature and always wanted to be spanked so I answered the ad. That's when this journey began. We started out emailing each other. I told him I am interested in being spanked and that I never been with a guy before. He said that was ok. I asked him if he would like me to dress in high heels and panties with a babydoll outfit on. He said he would like that a lot. I love dressing in women's clothes.

So the emails went like that for awhile talking about what we would do. I was always looking forward to getting his letters and talking about what we would do if we ever met. Then he asked me if I would like to talk on the phone. I agreed and we set up a time when he would call me. I was so nervous that night waiting for his call. I got naked and lay on the bed waiting for his call. Nervous and horny at the same time. Wondering what we would say to each other.

Finally the phone rang and my heart raced. I picked it up and said hello. He was very pleasant and easy to talk to. I explained how I never did anything with a guy before and he understood my being nervous. We talked about how he want to put me over his lap and spank my ass, I told him again I wanted to dress up and he loved the idea. I told him that I wanted him to fondle me while I am over his knee. To experience my first touch by a man. He said he would pull down my panties and touch my penis. I was so horny talking about all we wanted to do that before we hung up I asked him if I could masturbate over the phone for him. So I began jerking off and I was so horny I blew a big load while calling him Daddy. The whole time I was jerking I was saying 'I want to jack your Dick' which saying those words really got me crazy! I shot cum all over me.

I thanked him for letting me cum and he said he enjoyed it. We hung up and I was so dizzy thinking about what just happen. We continued talking on the phone and emailing each other back and forth for a long time. He kept asking me when we will get together. But I was so scared of really doing that. Day after day we would chat on the phone and talk about different things we wanted to do. After each phone call I would always ask him if I could cum and he would say yes. He never jerked off with me but always talked to me while I did. When I would have phone sex with other guys I would always hang up right after I came. But with him it was different, after I would cum I would stay on the phone with him and he would talk about stuff and I found that funny that while I was coming down off the high of having a orgasm I was talking to a guy. That was a first.

We had many nights of talking and me jerking off for him. The scenario was I would be dressed in high heels and stockings and wear panties and a babydoll outfit. He would come over and admire me. Then he would sit down and instruct me to lay across his lap. At which time he would start to spank my pantie clad ass. He then would massage my ass before finally pulling them down and reaching under to touch my cock. How embarrassed and nervous I would be.

After he was done spanking me he would let me masturbate in front of him while he watched me. This was our fantasy that we would talk about all the time. But sadly I never let it happen. I guess fantasy is sometimes better. But when I think about it I sometimes wish I followed through. And maybe someday I will. But it was a thrilling experience talking to another guy about playing with his dick for the first time. It makes me so horny thinking about it that I need to cum now.



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