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Allie Catch

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All true, and still very fresh. Tell me if you want more and I will tell more.


I love free balling in front of my female friends and daring them not to notice me. I'm not going to win against porn stars on length, I'm an honest 7', but I've got a thick cock and, on warm Spring days like the one we had today, I love bouncing loose in thin cotton shorts and letting myself swell up and get wet.

My friend Allie has a boyfriend. She's a tall redhead with gorgeous eyes and a beautiful curvy ass, but her nice firm boobs are impossible to miss. We have been flirting together for a while now and I knew we were getting close to the danger zone. Today she wore a thin sundress to meet me for coffee. I wore an extremely threadbare pair of old, faded plaid shorts and cinched my belt extra-tight so that my cock would show.

Her yellow dress was translucent and I could see a white thong underneath it in line for coffee. I had been saving up (for me, which is like a day) and that was enough, with the knowledge that an almost nonexistent fabric barrier was between my cock and her sexy ass, to get me swelling in my shorts.

Sometimes I still get boners when I don't want to, and bending forward can hide them. By the same token, leaning back and clenching my cheeks just made my cock pop. I got harder still thinking that everybody could see me with hot Allie getting hard at her side.

Allie leaned across me to get sugar for her latte and brushed against my mostly-rigid dick.

'What's that?' she asked, teasing.

'What's what?' I asked back.

'Did I do that to you?' she asked, smiling naughtily and pointing down.

'It's Spring,' I shrugged. But knowing she was looking and felt me against her naked leg sent me over the edge. I was now fully hard in my thin shorts in a way that was hard to miss.

'Is your roommate home?' she asked. We had been planning to go to the park, so I hadn't even cleaned up my bedroom. I tried to remember if left my lube on my bedside table.

'Uh' I said.

'We've got to fix that somewhere...'

'We've?' I asked.

'Shh,' she said, putting her arm around me and walking me towards the door.

'You doing ok?' she asked me as we walked.

Frankly, I was nearly cumming in my pants. We passed girls, couples, even guys, and I just felt big and full and proud. She kept her arm around my waist. I didn't realize at first that it clinched my pants even tighter against my erection, which was now weeping a big wet spot of precum.

Her hair smelled like coconut and she had a musty/rosy perfume on. My arm was around her skinny little waist perched right at the top of her hips. I wanted to pull her to me and kiss her. I got my chance as soon as we got to my apartment building. She kissed me in the elevator.

'This can't be anything serious,' Allie said. 'I love John and I'm not going to leave him.'

Then she kissed me, guiding my hand under her yellow sundress and down to her essentially-naked ass.

Ryan wasn't home, and she dragged me directly to my room.

'Somebody needs to cum for me,' she said, and we started making out and grinding together. 'We aren't going to have sex. I just had sex with John this morning, and that would be weird.'

She pulled her thong off and lifted her dress. 'Touch me,' she whispered. I was throbbing so close to losing it. I wished I'd masturbated that morning, but I wanted to show off for Allie.

Yes, the carpet matches, what there is of it, and she was slick to the touch. I instinctively rubbed my forefinger up for her clit, up to the top of her moist folds. She was hard too, and she shuddered, and forced her tongue in my mouth again.

'I do want you to fuck me,' she giggled. 'But I can't have that. I'll have to make do.'

My belt was undone. My shorts were down and there I was, pulsing into her soft, skinny fingers as she smeared my precum all over my slit with her thumb.

I could feel cum welling up in me already and tried to stop her from tickling under my head, but it was too late and it just shot straight out, past and around her thumb. The first spurt landed smack in the middle of her sundress, just below her tits, and then I fired a couple more shots all over her thighs before I dribbled all over her hands for what probably would have been another three spurts if I had been at all in control.

'Poor baby,' she said, still giggling. 'Look at all that messy cum.'

And then she asked me to do something I don't think I'm allowed to describe on this site, but suffice to say that she shot all over me, too.

I love her. I am definitely in love with her. And we are onto something. She still fucks John almost every day and she tells me she imagines it's me. I know I shouldn't get turned on by that.

But I do.



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