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Have you ever experienced a total oneness with the night? A moment where every touch, sight and smell melt into one?

The sand was warm, but then, here, it always is even after being kissed by the sea with each wave. At night, the silver surf appears to be almost languid, a giant tongue kissing and caressing its lover who shifts visibly under its touch. With each step, I drew tantalisingly closer to the ocean, almost allowing it to caress my naked feet, but staying just out of its reach.

Like an urgent lover, the sea strained forward and with one gentle lunge, kissed my feet sending a shiver through me. I walked, in and out of the soft waves and looked ahead of me, as the sea continued its arousal of the sand. My dress clung to me and as a wave penetrated the gap between two distant dunes, I felt myself being to open deep inside. I wanted to be ready for my lover, my invisible lover of the night.

The scent of the tropics is heady at the best of times, yet to me, the scent seemed to fragment into its component parts. I could smell the flowers, the plants, but also the decay of the forest that was almost metallic, almost sperm-like. Then there were the sounds, the incessant chirping of the crickets, and other sounds, low sounds, primal. In the impenetrable blackness of the rainforest, animals were finding each other whether for food or for mating. In this season, there would be rutting in the forest. Brief, almost violent couplings.

The sea reached for me again, and my wetness began to grow into an urgency. I slipped my dress away and let it fall onto the sand. Naked now, I walked on to the gap in the dunes, and lay down, my open legs facing the ocean beyond.

I stretched out and closed my eyes. Tonight, this night I would submit utterly and totally to whatever may happen. Should a man find me, I would willingly let him have me here and now. Should a woman happen along, she too may do with me as she will. Should no-one come to me, then the night would be my lover.

I stretched out my feelings and my senses penetrated the night. Distant laughing from the hotel, grunting in the forest. Something large, perhaps a forest wild pig: the grunting regular and powerful. A boar. On top of a sow and inside her. At that moment the sea touched my foot and travelled up my calf a little way and I arched my back in pleasure.

In my mind a faceless 'he' was standing over me. I felt a maleness to the night that hardened my nipples into points of exquisite pain.

The next kiss of the sea and my orgasm poured from me in waves matching the surge of the surf.

There, on the sand, my own wetness merged with my ocean lover.

Finally, we were one.



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