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Allan and I Were Caught

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This follows on from my 'affair' with Allan. It was a time when the beginning of the end was starting for the traditional church choir. There were not enough boys coming forward to join, so girls were part of the choir too. Older girls, teenagers, were in the alto lines and soprano lines.


Allan and I had thought we had found ourselves a little hideaway. Old parish churches often have rooms tucked away that people have forgotten about. There was one we found half way up the tower. It led to the pipe work of the organ so only the tuner used it, and then only a couple of times a year. It also led to the belfry, so I guess it was somewhere between an access room and a small workshop. It had a bench along one wall with a vice, but also a couple of ancient armchairs too. That was our place.

So, Allan and I had sneaked up there, after hanging around long enough to make sure the coast was clear. We had done what we usually did, and again, as usual we left separately. This time, Allan left first. The deal was I saw him leave the churchyard, I gave it ten minutes then left myself.

So I was waiting, sitting still naked on one of the chairs, when a voice sounded. 'Chris, that was lovely!' And one of the choir girls emerged from the belfry door. Emma was 16, and, well, gorgeous. She stared at me, and carried on. 'I've known you and Allan sneak up here, but I didn't know what you did...until now.' Then there was a tense silence and then she said 'have you done that with a girl?' The answer to that was 'I WISH!!!'

Emma just slowly lifted her dress, high enough to show her little white cotton knickers. I had never seen a girl there before, not like this, anyway. I was fascinated, I remember, by how wide the gap between her legs was. Somehow I think I expected it to be much like a 'v'. I was getting hard again just looking. Emma took a few steps closer, still holding her dress up and took my hand and placed it between her legs. It was warm, moist, and lovely. Emma held my hand for a while and then guided it inside her knickers, pulling them down a way at the same time, she didn't have a lot of hair there, and it felt kinda strange as well as nice. She pushed my finger up inside her. She started to move in time with my fingering, and then held perfectly still. I felt twitching going on, regular pulsing, and with each pulse, Emma gasped and made little sounds. At one point I'm sure I heard a whispered 'fuck'.

When she finished, my fingers were soaked and there was stuff actually in the palm of my hand.

Emma sank to her knees, her knickers still half way down, and took my cock. She started to wank me, but in a different way to how Allan does it. Emma told me to undo her dress and feel her tits. The buttons were tricky, but underneath she didn't have a bra on. My first feel!!

I told her I was going to cum and she aimed me away from her.

It turned out that was the first time she had made a boy cum or even touched a cock.

Emma and I did more, exploring each other a bit more each time. I told Allan of course, but he wasn't jealous at all. In fact Allan and I carried on our little affair, and when we left school, at the end of that year, Allan, Emma and I had an experience together. It wasn't the whole way, contraception for youngsters back then was far too hard to get. But it was amazingly good fun, and a little weird too.



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