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Allan and I

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My most memorable experience was last year when i was 16,on a trip with my family to visit some relatives. I hadn't seen them in a while, about two years, and especially couldn't wait to see my cousins Allan, and Dana. That night we all went out for dinner, and I noticed him looking at me a lot, but never thought anything of it. When we got home, we all went next door, but since there was no one there my age I got bored and came back. I went up to Dana's old room that I was sleeping in (she had her own apartment), and changed into my pyjamas, which consisted of a pair of shorts and a tank top. Usually every night before I go to bed I masturbate, and tonight was no different. I was already getting damp thinking about it, and got right to it. I slid off my shorts and started rubbing my shaved pussy, lightly at first, then harder. I slid my fingers in and started moaning, really getting into it. Suddenly my body was wracked with a huge orgasm and I moaned really loud, and then just laid still. I looked up to get my shorts, and about had a heart attack. There was Allan, standing in the doorway, with a small smile on his lips and a large bulge in his cargo pants. I just sat there for a moment breathless, and then asked how long he had been there. 'A while' he simply replied, and in two strides walked over, sat down, and looked at me. All of a sudden I had the most devilish thought ever, and reached over to undo his pants, which were nearly tearing under the pressure. 'Shana,' he said, then stood up a bit and pulled his pants and boxers down. I was faced with a beautifully hard 7 inch cock. I pushed him back and wrapped my hands around it. I stroked it up and down for a few moments before I bent over and took it into my mouth. He sighed when I did this and moaned when I rolled my tongue around his swollen head. I could feel him throbbing with pleasure, and all his muscles contracting. He reached down and grabbed my hand and started sucking on my fingers. I reached down and started rubbing his balls. All of a sudden he grunted, tightened all his muscles, and shot a long stream of cum into my mouth, and another and another. I tried to swallow it all bit the intensity of it made some leak out. After he had caught his breath he looked up with a surprised but pleased expression on his face. He said nothing but instead laid me down on my back and started to lick my pussy that was nearly dripping. He was right into it, and the feeling of his tongue set me right off. I could hear him, and that got me even hotter. I reached down and tangled my hands in his short, curled brown hair. He in turn grabbed me by the hips and pulled me even closer. His tongue was all around, in and out, in and out. It was incredible, and I came three times before he looked up. He started to get up and reach for his pants, but I pulled him down on top of me. He shook his head and disappeared for a moment and returned with a condom. We lay back down and he entered me. I had been a virgin before this and had never expected anything this good, I couldn't contain myself. He pushed in and out, harder and harder. We were both breathing heavily, and moaning loudly. I grabbed his shoulders and arched my back, alive in the moment. When we both came together I couldn't believe it and was breathing hard. We dressed and laid there for a while untill everyone came home. We never spoke of it the rest of the time I was there, but I can't wait to go back.



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