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All Those Hands

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I was reading some stories on here and thinking, hey some stuff I've done more recently would work just as good as the stories about me when I was little, so here's one.

One night, I went over to my guy friends house, we'll call him Derek. Me and him definately had a history, but I wasn't expecting anything to happen this night in particular, since our other guy friends would be there. His parents were out of town, at least for the night, so we had the house to ourselves.

We just hung out for a while, downstairs, watching tv, and eating. Later, we went upstairs, and as we were walking up, Derek said to me 'Yeah we probably shouldn't do anything tonight.' and I agreed. It wasn't the right time.

As the evening progressed, we all ended up in Derek's room, just listening to music and talking. I knew all of them thought I was attractive, one was my ex from middle school, Alex, another had told me so online cuz we'd talked about sexual things and stuff, Max, and same with the third, Jeff. Derek, it was obvious.

I was feeling pretty relaxed. I was also sort of out of it. I crawled across the floor, feeling a little horny and daring, and sat between Max's legs and looked up at him in a longing sort of way. Just to tease him, which I knew was exactly what was happening. All the others watched and were going 'Oooh Max' But I could tell people were getting turned on. I lay on the ground and writhed about totally sexual. I was feeling so comfy on the floor. They turned off the light. Suddenly I didn't care what these boys saw. I kinda, no I WANTED to turn them on. Derek thought it'd be great to put his cell phone under my pussy (Laying face down) and call it while it was on vibrate. It felt good, but it wasn't close enough to my clit for real stimulation. Then they got creative and grabbed a dildo-shaped back massager thing, I'm not really sure since it was dark, and shoved that under me. That one really hit the spot, and I was moaning a lot about how good it felt. It definately sounded great, because the boys suddenly were fairly quiet, watching me.

Then Derek suggested I flash them all, just for sport. I reluctantly said I would, I seriously was comfy on the floor. But I said they should keep the lights off, it was still a bit awkward for me with Alex there (there was a blue night light thing, so you could see, just not so well). Alex and Max had to leave soon, so they said now or never. I stripped off my bra, and flashed them. It was still dark, and they were confused whether I still had my bra on. I flashed them again. I went over to Max and Derek, who were sitting on the bed, facing me, and got on my knees. They each grabbed one of my tits in a hand and were grasping them, twisting, pinching and feeling them roughly. Soon, Alex nagged Max to leave since he was worried about being late for his parents, and then Jeff ended up leaving too. It was just me and Derek.

I stood in front of him on the bed, and we sort of chatted about our pants or something, I don't really remember. Then I said I was tired and lay on the floor on my stomach. I told him to sit on my butt. He did and rocked back and forth, and having the size cock he had, it felt incredibly good as you can imagine. He was really into it and massaged my tits and back, feeling me all over, in a really loving way. I got more tired, maybe I even fell asleep. When I noticed he wasn't on me anymore, I looked over and saw him on his bed, jerking off. There was something intriguing about watching him pull so hard on himself, and throw his head back in ecstacy.

It was a great night, to say the least. Me and him had many more, even better ones, and I'll add those another night.



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