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All the Tricks of the Trade

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All The Tricks of the Trade
I'm 14, and this website is the best thing that's happened to me for a long time. This website is what got me started off on masturbating.
When I was younger, I never really had the "urge" to masturbate. I never really knew how it would make me feel, and then when I came to this website, it really made me realize I was missing out on something big.
When I read the stories on this website, I start feeling like my pussy is tightening... and I reach down to my jeans, to feel that theyre hot and moist. As I get off the computer, I have to casually say to my mom, "I'm tired, I'm going to bed now!" and I head up to my room.
Once I'm in there, I turn on the tv, making sure that its loud enough that nobody will hear me. By the time i'm done this, my pussy is practically screaming to me, and I can't ignore it any longer. I still have my jeans on, and if I don't have my period, I hop on my bed, pulling off my pants. I love the sound of the wetness in my pussy, so i spread my legs, propping a mirror up in front of me, looking at my mound of pubic hair. My mouth is open, and I breathe more heavily as I lick my fingers. I stick my finger down into my kitty, putting it in not too far, but far enough to wiggle it around and hear the squishing and "splashing" of my juices.
Hearing this makes me want an orgasm so bad, that i get my index out and start rubbing my clit in a circular motion. It feels like an itch that needs to be scratched so badly, except that it's not an annoying feeling im having. It's like I want to have my boyfriend go down and suck that feeling out of me. I havent gotten eaten out before, but I think about a tongue going down and teasing my clit till orgasm.
As I pant, my legs are warm, and my face is twisted in a face of pleasure and pleading. I move my finger faster around my clit counter-clockwise, occasionally sticking fingers inside me fast and hearing the squishing and splashing noises all over again. when I feel the orgasm coming on, its like deep inside of me there's a bubble about to pop. I put my whole hand over my pussy, sometimes thrusting and kneading the heel of my hand onto my clit while my fingers go in and out, the sloshing noises driving me crazy.
once I orgasm, my legs shake and i try not 2 moan but it's very hard not to. My hands are going wild on my pussy, not quite sure what to do. This is why i wish I had another person going down on me, because it's hard to concentrate on rubbing when you just want to savor the orgasm. however, when I have my period, I don't want to have a mess, and I only use pads. So I sit on the ground, wearing only my panties. I have a tall mirror, and sit in front of that. I rub over my panties fast and hard, in a vertical motion. this is definetly a workout, but well worth it. afterwords, my arm feels pretty worn out..
Another way of getting to orgasm, is when I go in my jacuzzi. I just figured out how to orgasm doing this a little while ago. It used to just feel like rug burn almost; but now I've figured it all out. You turn on the faucet, getting the water just luke warm. You put your kitty under neath it, putting your legs apart and over the top of the bathtub. I use my arms as support, and thrust my pelvis up and down against the slow flow of water. Since this isn't quite enough friction to get me really going, I go away from the water, making the flow of the water fast, and hard. I test the temperature very carefully, because the last thing you want is a scalded kitty!! once again, I put my kitty underneath the flow of water, thrusting my pelvis up and down, with my legs spread wide. This drives me CRAZY and I have not fully achieved my "full" orgasm, because I pulled away, afraid that i'd scream with pleasure. My family would hear, and that.. obvviously wouldnt be very good.
Please try these out, and check out all the stories on SOLO. Theyre enough to make me wet, and I'm sure they'll make you wet too! love, "J"



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