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All over You

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I've been doing this for a long time and it always seems to feel good. One day I went over to my friend's house and his mom was home from work. She was leaving to go to the store and I saw that she was wearing these very nice sandals that looked really good on her. She has these really nice feet and they are small and soft and smooth and she had a pedicure which got me hard.

So I said to myself that I need to get those sandals and for the next two weeks that's all I could think of. So one day after soccer practice I went over to my friends house and he was inside his room playing computer games and I got a green ball and started playing with it and took it to the hallway and his mom's room is right across. So I grabbed my bag and kicked the ball into his moms room and acted like I was going to go get it.

So I get inside his moms room and open her closet and I quickly look for them she had so many high heels and I wanted that one pair so I look and I finally find them and originally I was going to take both of them but then I thought what if she finds out they are missing so I only take one and leave the other one in the corner of the closet to make it look like she lost one of them.  So I put the sandal in my bag and grab the ball and while I'm about to leave I see her drawer open so I look inside and I see condoms so I take two and they were the ultra thin ones.

So I leave and grab the ball and hang out at my friends house for five more minutes and then leave. Finally when I get home I take out the sandals and I get hard and start slowly rubbing it against my penis and the leather just slides smoothly and it feels cold but then warms up and I start to go faster and then I place it between the mattress so it is held in place and start humping it and going faster and then I cum all over it and make sure I get every last drop. So then I leave the cum on her sandal and place it in my closet and let it dry so the cum becomes dry and forms a glaze on top like a clear coat. So then I go back to my friends house two hours later and his mom wasn't home yet and get the ball again and kick it into her room and place her sandal right in the closet where she is able to see it.

In the light you can still see the glaze of cum I left on it but in the dark you can't. So I get out and play some games and wait for his mom to come and see if she puts them on and after a while she comes and takes a shower and earlier I put my phone to record and I had 16gb of memory on it and got her naked in the bathroom and got her big breasts and vagina which was nice and shaved and clean. When she got out she was going to go to the store and I noticed she had the sandals I cummed all over and I saw the left one which I took and poured my cum that it was sticking to her soft little sexy feet and that the cum was still sticky and you could see the strands of cum and she asked if we wanted to go and I said yeah and the whole time I stared at her feet and next time I'm going to apply another coat and pour a lot on them and make sure they stick more. Now every time I see her wearing those I get horny because I know she has a part of me with her and that I cummed all over her sandal and now it's on her feet. I still have the video of his mom.



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