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All in the Mind

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I have lived with my girlfriend for about 5 years and we have a pretty good active sex life. Once soon after she moved in and we were engaged in pillow talk after having sex the topic of masturbation came up. I am not sure why but I told her that I didn't need to anymore now I had her. It was a totally falsehood of course, but somehow it felt the right thing to say at the time.

A couple of months ago she started a course to become a hypnotist. She has always been interest in the mind and had a thing about helping people so I guess it was a pretty natural thing for her to do. After a week or so of being on the class she asked if she could practice on me. To be honest I was rather reluctant but as it was her I agreed.

Her first couple of attempts to hypnotize me were a disaster. The first time I just kept laughing and could not take it seriously. The second I made an effort but still nothing happened. She did mention it again for about a month until one Sunday afternoon when I was relaxing in a bathrobe after showering following my usual run.

I agreed and she had me lay back on a couch as she had the first couple of times. This time though instead of the progressive relaxation she had had me try before she just seemed to talk to me about lots of really random things. I lost track of what she was saying a few times and then suddenly I was under.

I don't know if any of you have ever been hypnotized but it's quite hard to describe-a bit like the feeling when driving and you lose track of where your are for a while. You are still conscious but in a strange dreamlike state. That first time all that happened was she had me relax and go into a deep trance then brought be out of it.

For the next few evenings each time I got back from my run she hypnotized me again. Each time I went under quicker and easier. She did a few mental exercises for her course then brought me round. On about the fourth time for the first time she started to ask me questions. I found answering them was easy. The first few questions were just regular things like 'how old are you?', 'describe your first bike' and mundane things. The she asked:

'When did you last masturbate?'

Without a pause I answered: 'yesterday when you were at evening class.'

'What did you think about?'

'A beautiful petite oriental girl riding my cock' I replied again without any hesitation and completely honestly.

'Tell me in detail.' She asked next. 'Imagine those thoughts again and tell me what's happening.'

So I did.

It was strange-almost like a dream I relived my fantasy. I told her exactly what the girl looked like, what she did to me-everything. At some point later I found out she had told me to put my hand on my dick and that it was ok to play with myself, although at the time I just lived the fantasy like it was real. Eventually I came-in my mind my cock was being milked by the tight muscles of my fantasy girl.

The climax broke the spell of the trance I was in and realised where I was. I saw my girlfriend smiling at me: hand on cock and cum all over my bathrobe. For a moment I was slightly confused then felt myself blushing as I realised what I had done. She said nothing but just kissed me.

From that day on, we have used hypnosis as part occasional sex games. She tells me I have a very very vivid imagination which makes it easy-all I know is that since then I have had some amazing sex, with some amazing women-but all in my mind!



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