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All in the Family

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Our family is nudist. We have been practicing nudity among ourselves at home for years. I have a son and daughter, and they are quite comfortable with it. It is always said that nudity and sex are separate things, but this is not entirely true, as you cannot completely separate the two-even if you try hard. Occasionally my son or even my husband Tom will have an erection when we are nude at home together, and I always tell them not to be ashamed of their stiffness or to try to suppress it-that it is beautiful and a normal part of life. I have always encouraged both of my kids to masturbate (in private, of course, although I have accidentally seen both of them doing it-they never knew I saw them) and to not be ashamed of their bodies or their sexual feelings.

I recently found out that my brother Gary and his family are also nudists. They spent some time at our home recently, and we all agreed to spend the time we had together at home in the nude. I had never seen my Gary nude before. I was surprised at how handsome he was, but even more surprised that he would frequently get an erection when he would look at ME! His erection was quite beautiful, with many veins that stick out along the shaft, and a gorgeous, swollen head that is perfectly shaped-I could not help but look at it and to become horny when I saw it. Not only that, but my husband would frequently have an erection when he looked at my sister-in-law, Charise!

Finally, one day when the kids were gone, we agreed to go into the bedroom together, all four of us-my brother and husband both had rock hard erections-pointed up straight to the ceiling-I knelt down in front of Gary-Charise knelt down in front of my husband-I took Gary's dick in my hand-it was so hard-I loved the way it felt SO much! I began to move the foreskin slowly back and forth over the head-it was such a sweet feeling, to feel his hardness, to give my brother such pleasure, and to ask nothing in return-he closed his eyes and moaned-Charise was doing the same thing to Tom's dick-she began to pull his foreskin back and forth very fast-Tom began to moan-I knew he was close to coming-I instinctively started to pull on Gary's dick faster-it felt so sweet and warm and stiff in my hand, my other hand was on his balls, which I thought was thrilling to feel-the balls that had produced the semen that conceived their daughter, my lovely niece-Tom began to groan, the head of his dick swelled and turned purple-I knew he was having that intense pleasure in his penis that precedes his first squirt-he gritted his teeth and began to scream as one stream of white semen after another landed on Charise's beautiful, freckled breasts-Charise closed her eyes and threw her head back as she felt the warm semen cover her tits-Gary opened his eyes to watch Tom ejaculating on his wife's beautiful breasts-he had never seen another man have the pleasure of ejaculation before, and the sight drove him over the edge and made his own ejaculation begin-I quickly drew his dick over to my breast, and put the tip at my erect nipple-his penis began to pulsate as it poured hot semen onto my rock hard nipple-it was so thrilling to know I was giving my brother this ultimate, excrutiating pleasure, and it seemed the ultimate way to show him I loved him....he moaned as his dick drenched my boob with warm come, and I held his balls as they emptied their sweet contents.....

When Gary had caught his breath, I thought I would have to take care of my pent up horniness alone-but suddenly, Tom reached over and began to massage Charise's clit-she moaned and closed her eyes-then suddenly Gary expertly placed two fingers over my swollen clitoral shaft-I couldn't believe how good it felt as he rhythmically rubbed it back and forth-I just laid down and closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling-Charise was still kneeling as Tom frantically rubbed her clit-I was entranced by the sight of my husband's fingers buried in her thick, red pubic bush-suddenly her hips started to jerk violently back and forth, and she let out a long 'EEERRRRRRRHHHH.....' as she had an obviously intense orgasm. The sight of my husband rubbing Charise to the point of such intense pleasure was too much for me-I imagined how Charise's orgasm must feel to her-and as Tom rubbed my clitoral shaft even faster, I said, 'yes, Tom, please, rub it, please, I love you...' and I raised my hips way in the air and began to groan as the orgasm pleasure almost made me faint.....

We have agreed to never go much beyond masturbating each other, that it certainly wouldn't be appropriate to swap partners to have intercourse-but whenever Gary and Charise come for a visit, we'll continue to have our swap-masturbation sessions-and maybe even a little more....



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