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All About Cum

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Some of it's Male-Male, some of it's just Male so maybe it should be there... who knows! '4H Whacking' with a different name, but I want to use a pseudonym that'll work for those who are new to my experiences.


This is my second contribution to the Solo site, and I'm loving' it a lot. It gets me incredibly horny to think of all the people I might be turning on; to think of all the guys yanking their rods, and all the girls fist deep in themselves. Hm.. I should hurry up and write this so I can go jerk!
Well, this is an entry about something we all know and love: cum. I remember when I started whacking around age 11. I was at my dad's and I was sleeping on the couch watching some movie though the name escapes me now. It wasn't explicitly sexual in nature, but there was a part where a man was masturbating. Of course I didn't know what he was doing but it looked like he was having fun. So, I crept to the bathroom and looked for some baby oil like he had, but all there was was Skin So Soft (upon hindsight this probably wasn't the best choice, but it was.. erm.. handy? ':-) ) I started rubbing, using just an 'O' shape with my thumb and index finger and after about a half an hour I had this great feeling where I almost blacked out. After that I was too sore to do it again, so I put the Skin So Soft back and went to sleep.
The other aspect of cum, is the wet dream part. Now, these confuse me, and I'd actually like some feedback about this part of my post (in one way or another, since emails aren't aloud). I'm 15 right, and averyexperienced whacker, but I haven't had much wet dream experience. I remember having one, way back in the day before sex ed, but I thought I was pissing myself or something. Now I have something very akin to the wet dream, but it's sort of different. Back then it wasn't even a sexual dream that triggered it, I just sort of woke up wet. Now I'll have every imaginable kind of sexual dream and I'll orgasm in the dream, I'll wake up sore, but no wetness anywhere. Last night I had a dream my friend (we'll call him Steve because I'm going to do another post about him) and I went camping again and this time we went all the way. I dreamt everything up to where it got 'unsexual' when we actually went camping. We were trying to 'sack tap' each other when he goes 'dude, I've got a semi' and starts rubbing his crotch area.
'Heh, me too... okay so it's all the way.' I shot back. This is where it turned into my fantasy.
Soon we were stripped down entirely and stroking our hard shafts. He was HUGE in the fantasy, nearly 10 inches and thick enough that his hand didn't close on it. In real life he's about 7'' and a moderate width (or so he tells me... god I want to see that thing!). Soon he asked me if he'd ever stroked another guy, and when I responded I hadn't he asked if I'd like to try. I of course agreed very quickly and set to getting him off. I stroked him for a while, while I toyed his balls, then abruptly slammed my open mouth down onto his shaft making him immediately tense up and let out a little scream. I got him all the way down into my gullet and held him there for a little while, tweaking his nipples with one hand while I probed his hole with another. Soon he said he was about to cum.
That just wasn't good enough though, and I made sure he wouldn't by slapping his ass as hard as possible and attempting to sever his left nipple. He nearly went soft in my mouth and I was satisfied to get him hard again, but this time I told him I wanted him somewhere... else. I got on all fours and told him not to think about hurting me. I wanted him to make me scream (I dunno where this part came from as I'm not much of an S&M kinda guy...) and all at once he rammed into me. As he was thrusting he reached around and grabbed my dick to stroke me in rhythm. Soon I felt my climax approaching and in the dream I shot my load everywhere.
I woke up then, briefly, but went back to sleep. When I awoke in the morning (three hours later) I checked for jizz on my futon, and found none. I sniffed my boxerbriefs and found the smell of cock, but not that of cum. I'm very perplexed by this as it's happened at least a dozen times. I feel in every way as if I've shot a load, but apparently haven't. I'm tired, I'm sore around the genitals, I'm less horny... but I can't find a trace of sperm anywhere. Is it possible I'm just masturbating in my sleep? But if so, wouldn't my coming in my dream make me cum in real life?
please respond and help ':-)
More to come maybe... later...



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