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Alan Parsons Project and TJ

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Music sure brings back wonderful memories.


Oh, the memories that are music related!

I was looking through a box of CDs and found my Alan Parsons Project collection. Here's the story.

Just graduated from high school, my girlfriend was a year younger. Slender with a very nice A-Cup body, Tracy (or TJ as she preferred) was energetic and very sexy. But, our only sexual antics had been some touchy-feely stuff in the car after school or after a movie. I had never even seen her naked breasts.

My parents were out of town and I had the house to myself for the whole weekend. The plan was a Saturday afternoon picnic and TJ was bringing the picnic basket. She liked going to the nearby mountains where it was very green and cool, a nice change from the hot summer day in town where we could hold hands and hike.

When she arrived with the basket, she said she had a new cassette tape she wanted to play. It was Alan Parsons Project and she said it made her feel sexy. TJ had an odd look on her face and said she had changed our plans. She spread a blanket on the floor, spread out our picnic lunch and put the tape in the player. She seemed a little distracted but said she was going to go get comfortable.

Shocked was I when TJ came back into the room completely naked. She was blushing and I was amazed to see that she had shaved and was smooth. I had never seen a naked girl before.

With Alan Parsons as a background, TJ said it was time we ramped up our intimacy. She said, you need to get comfortable too. I had never been naked in the daytime in the living room! Talk about embarassed! But, I shed my clothing and was sporting a rather prominent hardon.

TJ laid down on her back, and said she needed to show me how the music turned her on ... and promptly began to masturbate herself. After a very short demo, she said it was my turn to turn her on. I was simply dumbfounded as she guided my fingers into her shaved mound and taught me what a clit was. She also guided my mouth to her nipple and began to toss around with sheer pleasure.

I knew what a male orgasm was, but this was my first experience with a girl. She came loudly and squirted all over my hand. Grabbing my hand, she held my hand very still as her body shuddered over and over again. Wow! This was just too much for a young male to process.

Apparently she had done some homework because she knew how to stroke my cock and then slow down and tease and prolong my orgasm. She said I was her first naked guy but had found some sex instruction books her dad had and wanted to try what she had read about. when I came, I shot all over. I just lay there panting. Then, TJ said, "do me again." And I did and she came again. And then she said, do me one more time. This last time was super intense and she just lay there shaking for what seemed like several minutes. To this day I remember how hard her nipples were and how sensitive they became just before her orgasm. I was hard again and she began stroking me. It took a little longer to come, but again, I was in pure pleasure zone. We also discovered how the male nipples add to the pleasure and discovered that nibbling on earlobes was also very erotic.

She tried to get me to come a third time, but I was just unable to make it happen. So we ate the picnic food, listening to Alan Parsons Project, naked, in my living room.

After we ate, we cuddled and listened to the tape and she suggested we take a shower together. My most erotic dreams had been answered ... I was naked with a girl and then we took a shower. Wow! After the shower she showed me some additional ways she liked to be pleasured and then made me come again. In about three hours TJ and I had gone from holding hands and kissing to being naked in the daytime, exploring bodies and masturbating each other to near exhaustion.

We cleaned up the living room, got dressed and she took her tape and the picnic basket. I slept a most needed sleep that night.

TJ and I spent many other times, mostly outside during the summer, listening to Alan Parsons Project and pleasuring each other. She went from a somewhat shy girlfriend to a very sexy and bold girl. Fortunately she and I were a loyal couple and kept our activities quiet. I was amazed at how comfortable we both were being naked as much as possible and in some very public places ... but we were never caught. It seemed that our whole summer was one mutual orgasm after another.

To this day, listening to Alan Parsons Project gets me horny and many a girlfriend has wondered why that large CD collection got played when we played. And many wondered how I knew so many ways to pleasure a woman. I have TJ to thank as my teacher.



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