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Air Force Major

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My wife and I moved into a home in a very nice neighborhood in Texas. My neighbor and his wife were older and quite friendly. My neighbor, I will call him Pete, was a retired Air Force Major and quite the handsome man. Pete and I were on a trip one day to Home Depot and just happened to pass the Adult Bookstore. I just mentioned that it looked like they had quite a large crowd that day. We went on talking and Pete confessed that he occasionally visited the place but not to mention it to his wife. I told him that I had been in there also.

Shortly after moving in my wife and I got a spa and had it put in the back yard. I told Pete that I was going to be off the following Friday and since he was not working if he wanted to drop over maybe we could go skinny dipping. Friday came and I called Pete and asked if he wanted to join me and he said 'he was trying to be good'. This gave me the impression that he must have thought that my invite somehow included sex, so then I thought well maybe that is what he is expecting, maybe that is what I should be expecting too. I didn't have a problem with that, so I told him to pop over when he wanted.

I got in the warm water and looked over to the gate and there was Pete. He got in and we both had on trunks. We sat there relaxing for about 10 minutes and I said, well I might as well take off my trunks, so I reached down and pulled them off and put them up on the side of the spa. I sat there looking at Pete and thought well this is awkward, but in a couple of minutes he pulled his off too. We were just talking and I was getting a hard on in the warm swirling water and I just knew he must have a hard on too, but I couldn't see anything for the bubbles.

So I slowly moved toward Pete and reached down to where I thought his penis was and sure enough he had a raging hardon too. So I started stroking his cock and he grabbed mine and returned the favor. He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes and said 'I can't believe I am doing this, I have never done anything like this before'. So we stroked each other for a while and I said we should go in and look at some porn and finish these off. He agreed and we went inside and I popped in a DVD and we both layed on the floor of the den. His cock was straight as an arrow and kissing 9 inches, mine is a tad over 7 inches. We watched the movie and stroked and stopped and continued our edging.

At one point I got up and was going to go down on that beautiful cock and he said, 'oh, you aren't the type that will suck a cock are you'? So I layed back down and we both continued our jerking. We shot so much cum that I was afraid it was going to run down on the carpet. We never did anything again, but it wasn't because I didn't try, but he just wasn't interested in a repeat. I can close my eyes and still see that beautiful cock. Hope you enjoyed my story.



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