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Agreed To Behave

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This happened years ago when I was married to my first wife. She caught me jacking off several times and would get upset. Then one day she found out that I had been riding around in our car while I jacked off. Unknown to me, the woman that lives four doors down from us had seen me in a shopping center parking lot jacking off and told my wife. My wife confronted me and I admitted what I had been doing. She got really pissed and asked me how often I did it. I told her three or four times a week. We had been married about five years and she asked me when I started doing it. I told her I had started doing it when I was in high school long before we were married.

She seemed to be calming down and expressed concern that I might get arrested for doing that in public. She said if I would promise her I would never do that again she would bring some of her friends once or twice a week and have them walk in and catch me jacking myself off. I quickly agreed and we started planning the first one. There was this beautiful woman, I'll call Tammy, that she worked with and I said I wanted her to be the first. She said Tammy was married and wasn't sure how she would react. I told her that was the deal if she wanted me to stop exposing myself. She said ok and she would see about setting it up.

The following Friday night she made plans to pick Tammy up for a girl's night out. She would say she needed to stop by the house for some and bring Tammy in with her and have her walk in first with me butt naked on the couch and stroking my cock. I had three women's ponytail bands over my cock and under my balls. They make great cock rings and make my cock really swell. I had my cock all lubed up and was stroking away. After about twenty minutes I heard the car pull into the driveway. I was so excited I had to slow my stroke to make sure I didn't cum too soon. Then I heard my wife's keys in the door and my heart was pounding.

The door opened and in walked Tammy with my wife right behind her. When Tammy saw what I was doing she froze in her tracks, her mouth dropped open in surprise (that's the reaction I love when I was exposing myself) and spun around and was face to face with my wife. I heard her say 'what's your husband doing?' I heard my wife say 'It's ok, Jack just likes to play.' She grabbed Tammy by the arm and turned her round and walked her over to where I was sitting. Tammy was trying to look away, but kept stealing quick glances. My wife stopped right in front of me and said 'Tammy this is my husband Jack. Jack Tammy.' She put her hand out and I took it very gently and held onto it.

Then my wife said 'Tammy don't you think Jack has a very nice cock?' Tammy turned in response to the question and looked right at my cock and told my wife it was very nice. She was blushing but now she wasn't taking her eyes off what I was doing with my left hand to my cock while I held her hand in mine. My wife told Tammy how much I was enjoying her watching me do that and Tammy admitted she was enjoying watching me. She said it was the first time she had ever watched a man doing himself and it was really exciting. My wife told Tammy to sit down next to me so she could get a good look at me cumming.

Tammy had on a really short skirt with a halter top and no bra. Her nipples were as hard as rocks. When she sat down her skirt rode up in the front. She opened her legs slightly and I could see her neatly trimmed pussy. She was not wearing any panties. This put me over the edge and I told my wife I was going to cum. I aimed my cock toward Tammy's legs and let it fly. The first squirt went across both her legs and she didn't move. The second, third and forth squirts went on her leg closest to me. Then it just oozed out all over my hand and down my balls. My wife got Tammy a wash cloth to clean herself up. She asked my wife if she would mind if she cleaned me up, I was in heaven.



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