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Afternoon Hotel Visit

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My wife and I have 3 small children, and find it very hard to get time for sex. Every so often we will check into a hotel for an afternoon of extended sex. The hotel in our town has nice rooms, a pool, and a hot tub.
This particular day, we decide to have sex first, then hit the pool after. We also had be hearing a lot about 'G-Spt' orgasms, and how to make a woman shoot her cum. We were detrmined to try it out this day. I also had a secret that I wanted to try as well.
We got down to some good fucking, trying different postions. My wife is stil nursing our youngest child, so I can work her nipples and get lots of sweet milk. When she is cumming, I can squeeze her breasts to make the milk spurt out. Really cool. My wife is not much into oral sex, and will do it for me every so often. Today, she gave me a good extended blow job. Once she gave me head so well, I came in her mouth by accident. It just happened so fast, I did'nt have time to tell her. But she spit it out and kept jerking me. Very hot. But today, she sucked for about 5 minutes, and then went back to fucking. We did some doggy style, and I slapped her ass, which she said she did not like, but I think she really did.
She had her second orgasm (she has her favorite vibrator that lets her come 3-4 times in a row) and we were ready to try the g-spot 'release'. I knelt next to her, and started rubbing her g-spot wit my finger. She went at her clit with her vibrator. In just a few minutes she was summing. But this time she pushed down, like she is trying to pee real ahrd, and a FLOOD of cum shot out of her pussy. First it was a gurgle, and then it was a stream that went 2 feet in the air. It soaked the bed (oops) and her pussy and ass. We were both shocked.
After we had recovered, she wanted me to cum. Here is where I had my secret desire. I told her that I wanted to jack off on her pussy, and then go down on her. She was a bit shocked, but agreed. Now, whenever I have had this urge before, it quickly goes right after I cum, and I never do it. But I have been able to perfect a way of cumming without having an orgasm. I start jacking hard and get to the edge. With my other hand I press right at the base of my cock just below by balls on the prostate. If I edge to an orgasm just enough, and start psuhing on the prostate, cum will start pouring out of my cock. I did this, and she was amazed at how it just started pouring all over her pussy. I gave her a smile and then brought my lips to soaking wet cunt. Her juices and my juices were mixed and salty and sweet. I swirled my tongue around, and licked up all the combine cum, and sucked her clit. She did not orgasm, but seemed to like the feeling. I continued to jack with my other hand, and quickly sat up and blew the remainder of my load on her soft belly. I then quickly kissed her with my cum coverd lips. She was a little freaked out, but wipped her mouth and smiled. We cleaned up, went down to the pool and relaxed. We had more more 'straight' sex session, and then packed up and went home.
We continue to have our G-Spot sessions, but have invested in some water proof sheets! As for my cum-coverd pussy eating, I have done it once more, but will probably retire for a while. Definately an erotic thing to do!



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