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Afternoon Delight

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Hope that this encourages some people with their friends; Jacking together can be a connecting experience while still remaining straight, and to save yourself for your wedding night!


This happened nearly two months ago. My friend James (an alias of course) was over at my house as a 'before we go to dinner to hang out' sort of thing. We had jacked off together two or so times before this, but nothing extravagant happened...just the usual helping hand before falling asleep.

First, let's get a mental picture going for you readers. James is VERY slender...not gross slender, but quite skinny. He is fair skinned, longer hair (about to his ears), and around 5'11' or 6ft. His pubes are allowed to grow wild, but are not so long as they might be considered a forest. They are rather more of a bush. His dick is cut, around six inches when hard, and at normal girth. His erection allows his dick to lie on his stomach while laying down, and his balls are wilty and soft, but extremely fun to play with.

Personally, I am about 6'2', fair skinned, arms and legs hairy-ish, hair short, and I wear glasses. Also, I am just at the top end of the healthy weight spectrum, so I'm no skin-and-bones guy, but not overweight either. My hair around my happy trail is cleanly shaven, and my pubes are shaven on the sac, and above my dick in a triangle shape with the vertex as my dick. My dick is uncut, also around 6in, and the girth is above normal. My erection allows my dick to be at an angle towards my upper body while laying down, but not as what I would truly want it to be (like James's erection). My balls are attentive, usually shrinking up very quickly, but he apparently likes them.

Well, James was over at my un-parented house after I worked all morning, and we wanted to go out to eat. I had mentioned some stupid, immature thing about how he gets to control tonight, or whatever. I then proceeded to take a shower. During the course of my shower (while shaving my pubes for what I knew was about to come) he opened my bathroom door, fully clothed and peed in the toilet. The toilet is directly next to the shower, so I could see his outline, as I'm sure he could see mine, but the focus was unclear due to the steam. I also noticed at this time, he was minus shoes, socks, and the button down shirt he was wearing (still having an undershirt on, however). After my shower, I got out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist to find James at my desk minus his undershirt claiming it was 'hot' (darn right!). I then went downstairs to ensure if the parental units decided to come in that we would get an audible warning and have a chance to cloth ourselves, etc. When I came back, he was yet again missing a piece of clothing...this time, his pants.

I then laid down in my bed with the towel still on me. The towel, however, did a horrible job of covering up the ever-growing erection that had started with the thought of what was about to come. After a long silence and awkward staring, he came over and laid on my bed...finally after playing a childish game with pillows that were covering our now unclothed dicks, we allowed our crotch-al regions to be exposed to each other. Honestly, this was the first time I had taken his dick in with full light. Usually we had seen each other in the midst of night, and had a small LED light to lead the way. His dick was very good-looking, shaped, etc. I allowed him to re-explore me first. He then, started running his hands up and down my shaft, fiddling with my balls (which he spent a good amount of time on), and playing with my foreskin. He would pull the foreskin up, all the way down, push it through his fingers, etc. Then it was my time for him.

I ran my hands up his seamlessly cut dick, playing with his un-foreskined glans, and playing with his balls which seemed much more soft than mine. One thing that makes me hard at the thought that I have done every time since our first time exploring each other is when I push the top of his dick towards his feet, and let to, allowing the erection's tension to let it slap againt his stomach. I did this several times as it made me extremely hard.

Then we both took hold of each other at the same time, taking our time to notice details and coach each other on how to better pleasure the other. Somehow (I cannot recollect exactly how) I layed sideways (so we were a perpendicular figure with the vertex as our pelvises). I then allowed his dick to run through my legs. He thrust through the opening between my legs like you might with a tight pussy. After he had had enough of that excercise, I got off my bed and walked to his side of the bed. I then instructed him to lay flat, and while I thrust my dick between the mattresses. I gave him a nice hand job and allowed him to take in the situation he was so experiencing. Then I moved back up to the bed, and instructed him to sit up. We faced each other with our legs opened up at each other. We had never had this bottom view of each other's dicks which was interesting. We then proceeded to give each other a nice work down and back-hand thrusting from a better grasp as we were reaching in front of ourselves rather than next to ourselves. After a period of that, we went into a period of oral which I will not go into further detail here.

It was then time to end this extravagant evening. We took a hold of each other and began a normal paced jacking, and slowly continued, and continued and continued. Finally it was time for both of us to blow and we tried to time it just right. We sped up, quicker and quicker, more passionate, and more deliberate, and finally we both said about the same time. 'Here it cums' and 'oooo..yeaa' and as he grunted, and I threw back my head, we came on each other. James let out a grasp while I let pleasure overtake me. Then we continued stroking until we went soft, and proceeded to get a towel and clean up. We then got back in our clothes (smelling of cum I'm sure) and went out and enjoyed our dinner with our mutual friend who will never know the interesting time we had had before that. Please comment on this so I can improve for the next story I submit. Peace.



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