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Afternoon by the Pool

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About 15 years ago my wife at the time became friends with a woman called Michelle, who worked at a design store. We soon all started hanging out together. She was in her late twenties at the time, attractive but a little over weight, and tanned. She was also pretty flirtatious, or at least talked a lot about sunbathing nude, shaving, and 'special' hot tub parties she's attended. She never indicated these were swinger parties, but it was clear that she was at least naked with a bunch of other people. We also became friends and this is where the story starts.

One day when both of us were off work we decided to go out to lunch. The lunch 'date' went well, and I asked her what she was doing with the rest of her day. She said she was going to hang out by her pool. She rented a room in what can only be called a mansion, complete with a pool. I said how lucky she was, and she said 'you should come over sometime and use the pool'. I said how about this afternoon, and she said 'great, I'll be in the back so just come around and call out for me'.

Michelle had previously mentioned that she sunbathed naked routinely at her house, so I assumed she would wear a suit or at least would put one on when I came over.

I drove home to put on some swim sorts and a beach towel and headed over to the house.

I parked in her driveway and went out back. The pool and back yard was surrounded by a fence, so I called over and she came over and opened the side gate. She was wearing sunglasses and had a beach towel wrapped around her. She said 'pick a chair and enjoy yourself'. I proceeded to lay out my beach towel and take off my t-shirt and applied some sun screen. Michelle went back to her chair and proceeded to read a magazine, with her towel still on. I began to wonder if she actually had a suit, but assumed she did and was just being a little shy.

After a while, Michelle returned from the kitchen with a picture or margaritas and we started to have a couple of drinks - this relaxed me a lot. The afternoon was hot so I decided to jump into the pool. After being in the pool for awhile, Michelle said 'I normally lay out nude, but would you like me to put a suit on?'. Nervously I said 'no, it's OK'. I was looking away at the time and when I turned back to look she was lying on her stomach on her towel.

I immediately felt my penis begin to quiver. She clearly sun bathed nude all the time, she was evenly tanned with just the hint of a thong tan line. The way she was laying I could just make out her lips.

After swimming around a little more, I said 'I think I'll join you and whipped off my shorts and put them on the side of the pool' now it was time to step out of the pool. I climbed out and she glanced over at me, I was semi-hard at this point but just went over and lay down. I lay on my back and we exchanged some small talk.

I had my eyes closed, and then I heard a voice 'refill?' I opened them and Michelle was standing next to me completely naked. She had large round breasts with large dark brown areola. Her pussy was shaved smooth, long before this was the norm. I was a little flustered but immediately started to get hard. As a result I quickly turned over, but I know she had seen my penis grow, and also some of the precum.

We laid out for a little while longer and she suggested we go for a dip to cool off. We both walked over to the pool and got in. We swam around chatting and she said 'I'm glad you're not too embarrassed I'm naked, I do this all the time and don't like tan lines'. I said 'no problem'.

As this point her wet body was really beginning to turn me on and I felt I'd need some kind of release. She proceeded to get out of the pool first and then I followed her. I was not quite hard and she didn't seem to mind, no comment on it. She lay back down on her towel and said 'could you put some sun screen on my back?'. I obliged. She then said, 'you can put it on my bottom half too, it's OK'.

I proceeded to rub the sunscreen on her behind and at this point was super hard. She rolled over and applied her own sunscreen to her boobs and the rest of her body. I said 'sorry about this..', pointing to my hard dick. She 'said, no problem, you're a man!'.

Once I was done I returned to my chair and started to apply sunscreen. As I applied it to my penis I felt close to cumming, but obviously didn't want to. Michelle said, 'would you like me to put some on your back?' I said 'yes'.

She came over and applied some to my back and it was super sexy. She then said 'I saw you're pretty turned on, right?'. 'If you want to release, feel free. I can give you some privacy or I can do it for you?'.

I immediately rolled over and my dick was now super hard. She just proceeded to cover it with sunscreen and slowly massaged my shaft. I said 'I'm close', and she said 'That's OK, just relax and shoot your cum'. I started to breath heavier and she immediately straddled me, pressing her pussy against my balls. She whispered 'cum on my belly' and pressed my dick against her tanned stomach. I immediately felt my orgasm start and I proceeded to shoot think ropes of cum on her belly. 'there you go, feel better?'.

She cleaned me up and went back to her chair and proceeded to masturbate herself to a quiet but what looked like intense orgasm. What an afternoon!

We did this a few more times afterwards, and one time we went further. What a great friend.

This progressed into an invite to a swinger party, which is the next story....



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