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After the Swim Meet

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Thanks for all the nice j/o's


This is all happened a couple years ago. I was in eighth grade, and have been on my local swim team. I had a really good friend, Max. Max was a year younger than me, he was really fit, skinny & defined. He was tan and Spanish, and had dark curly hair. I always thought he was really funny and we would always joke around in the locker room.
Yet, one day I looked over at him, and his towel would always be loosely covering him, and he had the biggest dick I have ever seen! He was a year younger than me, with very little arm pit hair and a fair amount of pubes, yet his dick seemed almost 5 1/2 inches soft. For weeks I could never stop thinking about it, even in school.
One day, both my parents went away on a vacation, and my brothers had to go to work, & they wanted me to get someone that would stay with me for the night, like a friend or a cousin. I decided to give Max a call and asked if he wanted to come over after the swim meet, and sleep over. He accepted and said he was looking forward to it. As soon as the swim meet was over, we got home quick as we could. We needed to shower though, because the chlorine was still in our hair. I really wanted to try something with him. I asked him if he wanted to take a shower, after accepting I suggested that we should just both take one together in our jammers from swim. Fortunately, he only had his from the swim meet on him, so he had to borrow one of my old ones. I gave him one that I used a lot, at every single practice. It was pretty worn out, so once it got wet it was basically see through.
My shower was very small, you could only stand up in it, and at first it was pretty non-sexual, but then after he washed shampoo out of his hair, he walked backwards into me, ass first. I immediately got a raging hard on and he looked down and smiled. "I always had a feeling that you might've been..you know" he said nonchalant, and he slipped a wink and a half smile.
I started to grind on him to the rhythm of the water falling on the tub, resting my hands on the soft, hard sides of his abs. I started to rub his chest as I slowly moved my hands down to his lower abs and felt his pubes through the bathing suit. I slowly slid my hands under the tight elastic and felt his warm cock and his soft balls in my hands. It was the most exhilarating moment of my life.
His dick started to slowly go from a semi to a raging boner and I asked him if he wanted to go lay down. We quickly dried off and he threw on some of the sexiest boxer briefs in the world, especially when they were wet. I always admired his ass and bulge in them when we were in the lockerroom.
We laid down in my bed, and we (to my surprise) started to slowly kiss. It was perfect. I slid my hands down his back and grasped his ass. As I pulled down his underwear I wrapped my lips around his massive dick, especially for his age. After a while, he started to moan and asked me to stop. I thought he was uncomfortable and I did something wrong but when I looked up I saw the biggest grin on his face. His hand was on my stomach and he was slowly moving down to my 6 inch boner. I was uncircumcised, unlike him, and as he began to move his lips, circling around my head with his tongue... I almost burst with sexual excitement.
He must've watched a lot of porn in his days, he seemed like he knew so many tricks. He started using his hand and slid my foreskin up and slid his tongue in between my head and my foreskin and it was heaven. I jizzed in his mouth and felt him swish it in his mouth, savouring the taste. I tried my best to repay the favour, when he came in my mouth, I loved the taste of his salty cum. I could taste the chlorine in it from the pool. It was my first time doing anything even close to a blowjob, and I far from regret it.
It was a true story and the best day of my life. I was so lucky to be able to know someone like him.



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