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After the Snow in the Caravan

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Nice to see that my (true) story is still being read, and since you were kind enough to ask...Following that cold 10 days in the caravan, snowed in, and the bewildering feelings I had afterwards, this happened.


I spent two days mixed up in my head. I have erotic thoughts when I masturbate, but had never had a dream like the one I had. Dreaming about my dad's cock was shocking, but oh, so terribly arousing too.

Well, the snow just kept on coming and we were stuck there for another 10 days. I think we had reached a kind of understanding about physical stuff, and masturbating in the same caravan at the same time became no big deal.

One evening, the lights went out. The snow had brought down the overhead power lines to the field we were camped in. (A local farmer has some mains points for casual caravanners like us) So, candle time. Modern caravans are very well insulated, so the cold was not a problem. Dad and I started to chat. In particular I asked him about how he has 'coped' since mum left us. He said that he isn't interested in another relationship. (Not surprising because mum took him for every penny, and we only managed to keep the house because he had the sense to put it in my name!) But, of course, I meant sexually. He said that he misses having sex terribly. He said 'It's the intimacy, but also the raunchiness too.' Then he asked me about it. I haven't had a boyfriend since college, (OK, I had a couple of g/g experiences there too.) I am literally too busy to go on the pull, I guess, so I told him that I don't really miss full-on sex, and that I have developed some pretty good fantasies. (He doesn't know that him pulling my knickers to one side and fucking me raw is now one of them!)

Then, he sighed and said 'What I really REALLY miss, is...er....the...scent of a woman.' So I teased him. 'Oh dad. There are plenty of perfume counters around!' He said 'No not that. I miss the special scent of a woman.' Again, me teasing, 'What? Sweat?' 'NO! I miss the smell of a pussy!' (Well, DUH!)

Well, we lapsed into an uncomfortable little silence and I figured I had teased him too much! 'I can understand that. At college, my boyfriend used to love the smell of my knickers too.' Dad swallowed. 'Yes. I bet he did.,..lucky bastard.'

Again, an uncomfortable silence during which, unspoken, I guess we both knew we would be masturbating again tonight. So....

'Dad, I guess we both need to get off again huh?'

'Umm. Well, I suppose we do. I'll go to my end of the caravan.'

'Um. You don't have to. Let's do it here.'

With that, I undid my jeans and slipped them off. Then, I took my panties off. (Strange how we always glance into the crotch, even though we know we aren't due on. Oh well.) They were a little damp, as I knew they would be. Instead of tossing them aside, I held them out to him.

'Here. Help yourself.'

And there, in the candlelight, I spread my legs wide as I could and started to jill off. He got his cock out. (WAY bigger close up.. yummy!) and started to wank. I could tell he was resisting the moment a little, so I said 'Go ahead. Smell them. Smell a pussy. It's been a while.' So he put them to his face and inhaled. Damn and fuck! That was soooo fucking horny. I had a small orgasm just from that. Then, he kind of scooted down a little in the chair and his legs were almost between mine. Oh, I can't describe it, imagine me with one leg up on the bench seat on one side of the caravan and the other leg wide apart and his knee almost touching mine.

He began to wank really fast and was breathing in deeply, so I wondered if I could get him over by saying. 'Lick them. Taste a wet, horny cunt.' Well, that did it, and he shot his load....right over the van and onto my tummy.

I came seconds afterwards. And very VERY hard too.

Afterwards, we didn't bother dressing, hell why would we?

We also shared the big double bed at the back of the van that night, dressed exactly as we were which amounted to naked from the waist down.

During the night, I had the most powerful dream again. The dream was so powerful AND erotic that I must have cum in the night because, when I woke up the next morning, I was soooooo wet down there.



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