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After the Rocking Horse

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I thought after the response I got from my Rocking Horse story I would post my first time with another girl. I hope it isn't too long.


As I said in my other story from my life, I had my first orgasm when I was about ten, although I could have been eleven by then. I had been rubbing myself and humping things as far back as I can remember only because it felt good. I learned about cumming from watching TV, believe it or not. I was watching at night and saw this movie where this girl masturbates to an orgasm. It was pretty mild, but I at least got the idea. I remember going to bed and slipping my hand inside my panties and rubbing myself and keeping it going after I usually got tired of it. WOW! The payoff was great!

Anyway, later a friend of mine showed me a book that her parents had. It was an erotic novel about this girl and how she learned about sex and loved it. I was spending the night with her when I was about twelve. So she showed me the book that she had sneaked from her parents room, and we took turns reading it out loud to each other. We were giggling and stuff about the descriptions of the guys penises and what they did with the girl, and I was getting really hot. Then I got to this part where this girl is seduced by an older woman. I knew this stuff went on, and I had wondered what it would be like, but of course I had been too scared to try it with anyone in case they told or something. Anyway, I asked Kelsey (that was my friend's name) if she wanted me to skip that part. She said something about it was really kinky and I could go ahead and read it since she'd read it before already.

Well, I did, and I was surprised how hot it was making me to read about this girl getting touched by this other girl. Then it occurred to me that Kelsey was there and we were alone in her bed. I knew that she HAD to be as turned on as I was, if not she'd had to be dead. I got to this part where the woman fingers the other girl's clit and I stopped and just gaped at the book and then at Kelsey. It was like I couldn't believe I was reading this.

Well, I finished that scene and she wanted to read me this other one. It was about this girl masturbating. When she finished that one, we were both breathing kind of hard and we were both perspiring. She looked at me and said, 'You ever do that?' 'Of course,' I said, 'Do you?' because I was afraid to admit it if she wasn't going to admit it too. She said, 'I asked first.' Then I said, 'I won't say until you do.' So she had this idea that on the count of three, we'd each say either 'yes' or 'no' depending on if we did it or not. At three, we both blurted 'YES!'

It was like opening a flood gate. We started talking about what we did and how we did it. I told her about my rocking horse when I was little. She said she learned by sleeping with a pillow between her legs. She started humping it because she 'itched' down there and found it felt really good. She hadn't had an orgasm until about three months before that night, but she said she LOVED them, which of course I did too.

Then, of course, she asked if I wanted to do it and we could watch each other get off. I first made her SWEAR not to tell anyone. Then she made me swear too.

We stripped off our panties (not our tops, for some reason, although later we did on another night), and we started doing ourselves. I came first, then moments later, she did. After that she leaned over and kissed me on the lips, real fast. Just a peck. She apologized, but I said not to worry because it was nice. So then we kissed until we got tired and fell asleep.

We were lovers for the next two years until she went to a different high school. We never told anyone else about it (well, except for now, but this doesn't count). At least there was never any hints that she told. We ended up doing EVERYTHING two girls could do. She still lives in the town where I live, and I've thought of looking her up, but I don't know how she'd take it.

Anyway, that is what happened my first time with another girl, and it was all from reading a book and masturbating together. It was great!



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