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After the Hair Cut

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While they watched.


After reading a few stories on this site I was reminded of one of my own.

About once a month I'd get a hair cut around the corner from my house. It was owned by a Chinese lady and all the gals that worked there were Asian as well. One gal always cut my hair, Mei. She had an assistant named Eva, aged about eighteen. Eva did shampoos and helped out the other stylists.

One day while I was there a lady walks in and talks to the owner about employment. She was a masseuse and looking for a station. The owner asks me if I'd help her out, get a massage for half price and tell her what I thought of her.

In the salon there was a small room just a bit bigger than a cot. I always thought it was just a closet as stuff was stored in it. And even now they had to takes some of it out so there would be room for another to stand on one side of the cot. It was a massage table, just low to the floor, not high like most I've seen.

The masseuse was dressed really well. Much better than you would expect. Turns out she was studying acupuncture and wanted to make some money while learning to be a doctor.

Chinese woman have a much healthier attitude when it comes to a man's sexuality. They understand a man's sexual desire and aren't put off by it. They accept the fact, as long as it remains discreet. So much better than the way American women almost look down at us for being horny. I don't ever apologize to anybody for being a heterosexual. I like looking at girls, I like touching them and I love fucking them.

I'd been to massage parlors before and had a happy ending before, actually quite a few. I knew what I expected, I didn't know what the salon owner expected.

At the end of the massage I was getting hard, not fully but there was no mistaking I was getting aroused. The gal was looking at my cock and moving my legs around trying to get it harder, without blatantly touching it. I did want a hand job and looking back on it, she wanted to give me one, but did not want to give the owner a bad first impression.

After an hour the door opens and Eva comes it to say time was up. From where she was standing she could see in but not below my waist. I could tell she tried to get a look but didn't want to be obvious. In later episodes she'd get her courage up and bend her head around in the doorway to see what she could see. Mostly me draped with a sheet over my lower side. I could tell she was disappointed, I'm sure she wanted to see me naked.

I tell Ni, the owner, it was a very good massage.

I pay her and she gives the money to the masseuse and says she's hired.

Upon my next visit Mei asks if I want another massage. Of course I do. Ni makes a phone call and says that gal will be right over. I'm looking forward to it this time. I'm planning on getting a raging boner when she flips me over.

Now I'm disappointed, it's a new girl. I ask Ni what the deal is and she says the former girl is now an acupuncturist and won't do massages anymore. Oh well. She gives me a wink and says I'll like this girl a lot.

I found out exactly what that meant. She never gave me a massage at all. I was lying face down and when she comes in she asks me to turn over. I do, she pulls the sheet off me and goes right for the hand job. I shoot a load of cum in her hands and she gets up, opens the door and goes to the bathroom to wash them.

Of course Eva is there, poking her head in, she sees my limp penis and gives me a smile. I smile back at her.

This new gal comes back, rubs around my cock again, gives me another erection and jacks me off again. I came three times in that hour with out even trying. Each time, after I shoot, she gets up and washes her hands. I'm a little embarrassed cause I know that all the girls in the shop know why she keeps washing her hands. To her it was like a trophy, how many times she could get me to shoot.

I should have described the room a little better. It had no ceiling so one could hear what was going on in the shop and I'd have to stifle my moaning so as not to be heard.

I went back, again Fang was there and I get another hand job. I make it a half hour, I don't need to cum so much. Fang gives me her number before I go. I end up calling her later in the week for another massage, this time at her house, and it ends up in full penetration. I guess she all along was a hooker. I don't know. That explains her hand job talents. I paid for nothing more than a massage though so I can only think she liked me.

The next visit to the salon, after my haircut I'm ushered into get a massage. I look around and the only gal in there is Eva and a younger looking friend. If Eva is just eighteen this new gal has to be younger. I pass.

Another month or so goes by, maybe three weeks, I'm now getting my hair cut. Ni tells me that I shamed Eva by not accepting a massage from her last time I was in. I told her the story and she laughs and says that was Eva's little sister visiting. She was just sixteen and no, she wouldn't be giving me a massage.

Every time I go in I ask for the original girl. I rue the day I didn't get a hand job from her. I'm obsessed by it. Nothing to do but get a wank from another girl.

I tell Eva I'm sorry for not accepting her dear invitation. I was coached at what to say by Ni.

Eva gets a big smile on her face. She goes to Mei and tells her what I said. Mei later told me that Eva took my answer to be a great insult to her. She thought all the stylists would call her ugly since I did not like her.

Mei then tells me that that even if I don't like the massage to tell Ni she did fine, as it would be her first. Eva walked around very much dejected since I told her no.

I had to make sure that every gal in the shop heard that I was very busy last time I came in and would always make time for a massage from then on. Eva was ecstatic. I saw her smile before. Her grin was even wider now.

The massage starts out fine and I'm wondering if I should get a hard on or will this young girl be offended. Eva is now doing everything in her power to get me hard. It is that blatant. So it wasn't just Fang being a hooker. I'm supposed to get a hand job. I'm relaxed now and my cock grows to it's fullest.

Eva excuses herself and runs from the room. My eyes are closed and I notice Eva and Ni's voice, in an excited tone. Then Mei chimes in and another girl. I'm thinking that I went too far and now I've really done it. The ultimate insult has been put upon Eva by me getting my dick hard. But she was so obvious about it, I really did think so.

All the talk is in Mandarin, I can't make out word one. But it does sound like they are angry. My dick is deflating.

Eva walks back in with a small container. She sees my cock and frowns. She then pours the contents of this bottle, some sort of oil, on my penis. It springs to life. Eva goes to town. She had to have been jacking guys off since she was a young girl, it's hard to believe she learned all that in less than a year.

She keeps me on the brink of coming for what felt like a half hour. It had to be less than ten minutes, my time was almost up.

Now I have to describe something else. When I turned over she put two pillows under my head so I was almost sitting up. My only line of sight was Eva, sitting between my legs and my erection with both of her hands wrapped around it.

I'm watching Eva, she looks at me and smiles then looks up above me. She keeps doing this and it's a little distracting. I'm wondering what she is smiling at. About this time I notice something. The only noise I hear is the slopping of Eva's hands. The whole shop is quiet. I'm trying to get her to slow down as the girls must be hearing what is going on over the thin walls of this small room.

She just goes all the better stroking my cock. I'm now past caring. I shoot a huge load of cum. I must have saved it up for a few days. When I get a massage I like to impress the masseuse with the volume of my ejaculate, so I abstain fro sex for few days before.

Rope after rope is shooting from my cock. The shop is now bathed in the sounds of excitement. Mei is calling my name, Ni is saying something in Mandarin and the other girls are clapping.

I strain my head around and go to open the door a bit to see what is going on out there. Not a thing was going on out there. That's because everything that was going on was taking place in this room. Ni and Mei are standing above me. The two other stylists have their heads poking in.

They had been watching the whole time since must have been since Eva walked back in with the bottle of oil. The gals are saying something to Eva.

All these women never thought it odd they were watching us. Eva invited them into see. Mei told me in their culture privacy was only for the lady, if she gave up the right to it, certainly the man would not care. She said most had seen me when Fang went out to wash her hands. She had left the door open each time.

She also told me I was the talk of the salon, none of the girls believed my cock was as big as it was. They wanted to see for themselves.

That was back in my thirties, I was in pretty good shape then. I doubt any ladies would want to see me now.



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