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After the Drive-In...

Posted by: Author: Age: 61 now 16 at the time Posted on: 2 comments
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It started as a double date to the drive in


George was a good friend of mine at my summer job the summer we were both 16. He had been dating a cute 15 year old girl called Deb. To pass the time during our boring work in the fields, Gorge tortured me with stories of his make out sessions with Deb. He had seen her pussy, and I learned a little about the female anatomy by his descriptions. I would get a boner and George with laugh at me and call me a horny dickhead. He was right. One Friday, which was payday, George asked me if I would like to double date with him and Deb at the drive in movie. Deb had a 15 year old girl friend called Pam, and it would be a double date. I was shy about a blind date, but thought it would be fun, so I said OK. We went home and got cleaned up. George picked me up in time to go the bank and cash our checks. We were two horney kids with money in our pockets. The next stop was to drive to the next town and pick up the girls. They lived in the same neighborhood across the street from each other. Deb was bouncy and cute and full of energy. She was short and had big breasts for a 15 year old. I liked Deb. Her friend Pam was a little taller than me and had A cup titties. She was skinny and wore a short dress, but she was shy and awkward. Her complexion was not the best, but she had a pretty smile that she hid with her hand. She would whisper and giggle with Deb, but was very shy with me. We got fast food on the way to the drive in, and parked in the back row. George called the back row of cars "Make Out Alley". The movie was a dumb spy flick. George and Deb sat in the front seat and ate burgers, while Pam and I sat in the back seat of Georges old Cougar eating our food. It was not long after eating that George and Deb snuggled up and started to kiss. This made Pam uncomfortable, and she sat on her side of the back seat smoking cigarettes. Smoking has always been a turn off for me, so I watched the boring movie. I was starting to give up on getting any from Pam. When the second movie started, George said that the girls had to be home by 10:00 so we drove them home. When we got to Pam's house, George told me to go in and "say good night" at her house, and that he needed half an hour to do the same with Deb at her house. At this point I did not care, but went along with it. I walked Pam up to the door and said good night, and gave her a little kiss on the lips. She spoke directly to me for the first time, and shyly asked me in to sit for a while because she knew George would not be back to pick me up for a little while. She took my hand, and for the first time I felt a little surge of excitement. She lived in a tiny suburban house with just her Mom. No siblings and no Dad. When we went in side she called "I'm home" to her mom. Her mom was sound asleep in the bedroom and did not answer. Just quiet snoring. We sat on the couch side by side. I could not think of anything to say, so I gently turned her face to mine, and gave her a long and deep kiss. Pam responded so strongly that I was completely surprised. Within seconds we were completely engaged in a tight embrace with her arms around my neck, and her leg thrown across my lap. I began to run my hands over her body, and quickly found the buttons on the front of her dress. I was squeezing her little tits through a silky bra, and soon lifted it up and squeezed her nipples. She arched into me and moaned. Next I let my hand feel up her thigh and finally cup her little pussy through pink panties. She ground against my hand and kissed me with her tongue half way down my throat. I was hard as hell, and I placed her hand on my jeans so that she could feel my dick. She took her her and away as if shocked, but did not stop kissing. I lifted her dress a little, and slid my hand under her panties to feel her pussy. This was a first time for me, and my balls and dick were starting to ache. Much to my delight, she ground her pussy against my hand and soon my finger was inside her. She was soaking wet. I found her little clit with my thumb, and tickled it while finger fucking her. She arched her back, pussy juice gushed against my hand, and then she went limp in my arms. Just as Pam was getting off, I heard a tap on the window. It was George, dammit. We had a curfew of 11:00 and he was pointing at his watch. I kissed Pam, and told her I had to go. She said OK and that she had a nice time, and wanted to know if I would call. I said sure I would call, and then walked out the door with my balls and dick aching like crazy. Back in the car, George saw my problem, and called me a horny dickhead again and slugged my arm so hard the pain distracted me from my aching loins. When I got home I went straight to bed. I tried jerking my dick to relieve my blue balls. When I came it was painful, and only a few drops came out. I think my plumbing was all confused from the intense stimulation without release. The next morning I woke up horny, and jerked off a huge load. I was relieved that the damage was not permanent. When you are 16, your dick is very important to you. My mom grilled me on the date, and said she smelled tobacco smoke in my room. I told her my date was a smoker and that made mom all judgemental and she told me I could do better than that. Frankly, I did not find Pam all that attractive, and never did call. Deb told George that Pam was mad that I did not call, and called me a "Big Stud" which confused me because that did not seem like an insult at the time.



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