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After Swimming

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One day my uncle and I went swimming, we did this a lot to keep fit so I had seen him in his underwear before, so after we got out of the pool we went to the changing rooms to get changed. He grabbed his shower gel and we headed to the showers and washed away the pool chlorine. We were both wearing our boxers, his were black and I had on white ones so you could see my lay out but not much. We got back to the lockers to change, suddenly I realised I had not packed a fresh pair so my uncle noticed straight away when I was putting my jeans back on and asked me if I wanted to borrow his other pair he had taken off before he got in to the pool. I said yes as we were going fishing later and wanted to be comfortable.

So he pulled out a scrunched up pair of pants. Normally I would only wear boxers but I took them anyway and we got changed. I looked at him as he was towelling off his ass and sack, shaking it around in his towel. He wrapped the towel around him and pulled up his boxers and took off his towel and pulled his jeans up after sticking his hands in his kegs to rearrange himself. He failed to realise his fly wasn't done up and his foreskin was sticking out a little so he quickly shook his junk around to get it back in. I just stood there laughing at him as we got ready to go, we both needed to take a piss.

We both went to the urinals where there was only two there and no stalls as it was quite small. So we both took out our dicks and pissed. I glanced to the left to see what he was packing when I noticed him looking at mine. We were both the same length both uncut but was thick and meaty where mine was more like a thin pole. I noticed he had a semi as he was pissing, he was squeezing his dick making his foreskin move. He then asked me if I have ever had a wank, I said no as I was embarrassed to say yes of course I had! So he said come here so I followed him into the disabled changing stall, I was so hard and horny I hadn't wanked in two weeks as I was waiting for my girlfriend to visit from uni.

He took off his clothes and sat down on the bench tilting his head back as he rubbed his crotch, he then slid his dick out and started pumping it. He could see I was really hard and asked if I wanted to join him. I said ok and stood beside him, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid his hand down his pants. I was bulging out. I felt his cold pre cum touch me as he pulled out my meat. 'let me show you how it's done' he said and pulled my skin back and spat on my knob and then pumped me and tickled my sack and I moaned away.

I asked if I could do the same to him he agreed. He stood up as I felt his sticky cock slide up my leg, I grabbed hold of it and jerked it like crazy as he was doing to mine. It was amazing, I had never seen another dick before yet alone touched one. I closed my eyes and as I was about to curl up my toes and cum his warm jizz shot up my arm and some landed on my cheek bone. I then got so hard and hot I shot cum all over his chest and sprayed down his legs landing in lumps on his foot. Both breathing heavy and sweating like crazy gave each other a man hug feeling his dick slide against mine as our man juices mixed he then got his boxers and wiped up his cum from my arm and face as he giggled. We both cleaned up he put on those boxers stained in each others cum we both got dressed and left for his car.

It was surprisingly not awkward sharing story's of sex wanking and girls he then said how the wet cold cum on his boxers was making his dick shrivel. We both laughed. The next day I went over to his house to give him back the undies I had borrowed, so I opened his drawer where he kept his boxers, socks, condoms and other man bits and there were the boxers we mopped our jizz up with. I then heard a voice saying I came in those three times last night watching a porn. To this day we are still good wank buddies! But I always remember to fetch clean boxers.



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