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After Swim Team Practice

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On A Rainy Day, I Saw My First Pussy


Chris was a cute blonde girl who was a great swimmer and wore a black, nylon tank suit. I always admired her mound through the suit and sometimes noticed how it moulded the creases of her pussy.

One day, I was sitting on the pool deck when she came over and sat cross-legged nearby. As she sat down, my eyes glanced briefly at her crotch and I noticed that there was a small split in the seam and I could see some flesh. When she leaned over, the split got wider and I could clearly see her pussy's inner lips pushing out. I stared as much as I dared, but then she got up and walked away.

The next day was raining after practice. Usually I rode my bike or walked home (see linked stories), but that day I called my mother and waited for her to come and pick me up. The rest of the team left quickly, so I wandered over to the jukebox lounge to see if anyone was there. As I got near, I heard some heavy breathing and stopped to listen. I peeked around the corner and saw Chris and one of the twin brothers who swam the butterfly stroke. He was wearing a black speedo like mine and was leaning over Chris on the pool table kissing her and rubbing his hands all over her body.

Her legs were stretched in my direction and spread wide. I could see her pussy lips and a little wet, pink flesh through the split in her suit. Her boyfriend moved his right hand down her belly and over the split. In a second, Chris started to moan and moved her hips up toward his hand. I could see that his middle finger was inserted in the suit and was moving in and out. The split suddenly got bigger and Chris used her hand to move it so her pussy was fully exposed. I could see that it was swollen and wet. Just before the boy put his finger back inside, I saw a dark crevice between her lips and her protruding, pea-sized clit just below her pubic hair.

The boy went back to work and Chris bucked hard against his finger and hand. She squeezed her legs together and then spread them wide, arching her back and pressing hard as he knelt next to her and used the fingers of his other hand to circle her clit. He was watching her swelling pussy close up.

Suddenly, Chris tensed and moaned in an animal voice, 'Oh my God, I'm coming. Oh my God! Oh my God!' and then shook and writhed as the boy struggled to hold her up and keep her from falling on the floor. She clamped her legs against his hand and shook in repeated spasms for almost a full minute. I got one last look at her pussy and saw that it was bright red, still swollen and drenched in her juices.

When they both stood up, I saw the boy's erection through his swimsuit. When they hugged and turned to go, I ran toward the parking lot to wait for my mom.

When I saw Chris the next day, she had a new swimsuit that, at least for awhile, had no splits.



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