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After Swim Lessons

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This is a great site. I'd like to write about several of my early experiences as a young preteen/teen. This is my first.


It started during the summer 1972 Olympics. I just turned 12 and wanted to be like the Olympic high divers. The biggest problem was my mother would not allow me to swim in the deep end of a pool until I could swim like an expert. So I was sent off to the YMCA for swim lessons. It was a bit embarrassing since most of the class consisted of 6 to 10 year olds. The only 'big kids' being myself and another boy Billy that was 13, about my size and I suppose good looking but a bit of a nerd. This boy could trip over his own shadow but was easy to get along with and was my only prospect for a friend while at lessons so I got along.

Now the teacher was this absolutely hot looking girl that was on the high school swim team. I think her name is Holly. I thought she was much older at the time but I saw her later playing high school basketball the next school year. I remember she was the first girl that ever turned me on. This was probably because she made a habit of supporting me with her hand under my penis every lesson. It gave me a hard on every time but I hoped she didn't notice. Now I realize it was probably intentional since we wore speedos and Billy said she did the same for him.

Nothing ever happened the first few lessons other than seeing the other boys naked while changing in the locker room and the teacher feeling my boner. Some of the boys showered naked after lessons but I never joined them since my mother was always waiting to pick me up right after. One day several things happened, by coincidence, that made that day different. First my mother could not pick me up so I rode my bike and I could stay longer. Second, for some reason only three of us showed up for class, Billy and another 10 year old boy that I can't remember his name. Third, the boys shower had no hot water at all which we discovered during the cumpulsory rinse before getting in the pool area.

After the lesson was over we usually had a free swim time since we were the last to use the pool for the day. During this time Billy mentioned to Holly about the shower being cold and she said the girls shower was fine. Somehow Billy got her to let us use the girls shower since there were no other girls there. I think Billy's mom made him take a shower after lessons so it was worth it to him. He also talked me into joining him. I don't know how since the I never took a shower because we didn't have a shower at home. I always took baths and I was afraid I would look foolish not knowing what to do. I didn't even know how to use the controls. I made every effort to jump in on others showers when we rinsed off before the lesson and never tried to even turn it off.

So the three of us are are sent into the girls shower in uncontrollable laughter. (How else are young boys going to act going into a girls shower?)It was very suprising to see it. It was pink and white tile but also very clean and new looking. They even had soap and shampoo dispensers. Except for the color we realized the boys were getting ripped off. Billy wasn't shy at all and quickly stripped off his suit and the other boy soon followed. I saw other boys naked before when younger taking baths with friends but not for several years. The other boy didn't have anything suprizing but I saw Billy. While his penis and balls were about the same size as mine, maybe 4-1/2 inches and walnut size balls, he had a small amount blond pubic hair. I was a bit ignorant then and never expected it. I thought a boy never got hair there till they got married. I didn't say anything but I couldn't help looking as much as I could.

The younger boy didn't hang around too long. I don't think he usually took showers either but just wanted to see a girls shower. I was surprised that he went into the pool area again to get to the boys side totally naked. We then realized we left our towels and Billy left his soap and shampoo in the boys shower. We dared each other to go get them naked but I guess we were both too chicken. I did dare Billy to run into the girls locker room naked and he agreed if we went together so we did. Not much of a dare since the only girl there was Holly and she was busy in the pool area and we never expected her to be there. The locker room was as nice as the shower. We also found a sanitary napkin and tampon dispenser. We opened up one each, and really had no idea what they were for except that they had to do with something that was different about girls between their legs. We fooled around there a bit more and snuck a few extra tampons and hid them with our suits to show our friends. This lasted more than a few minutes and we went back to the still running showers. We just got back and were discussing whether to use the girly soap and shampoo or if Billy would dare to go naked to the boys side to get his own. He finally accepted the dare but he got me by saying he wouldn't let me use his unless I went with him. It never occurred to me to just not use any soap, I wasn't about to use girly stuff if Billy didn't, and I was about to agree to go with him when Holly walks in us.

I was terribly embarrassed and turned around quickly. I thought it incredible that Billy just stood there facing her as though he had on a full set of clothes. We couldn't go anywhere since she was between us and the door. She started complaining right away about us taking so long and what were we doing all this time and the other kid left a half hour ago and on and on. It didn't seem to bother her that we were both naked. She told us we had to finish up and go because she had to be somewhere soon and had to lock up and if she knew we would take this long she would not have let us use the girls shower and on and on. I really wanted to say, 'If you would just shut up and get out of our way we could go.' or something like that. I didn't. That would have been disrespectful and in those days any adult could spank a kid for that and our butts were already bare. Billy whimpered something about him about to go get his soap in the boys side but Holly just said ,'What's wrong with the soap in here?' I guess we both knew it was pointless to try to explain to a woman that boys can instantly vaporize if they come into contact with anything girly, especially girly soaps. Women just don't understand boys physiology.

I was standing there wondering what might happen to my skin if we were made to use the girly stuff when an even worse event started to unfold. She came between Billy and me and first pulled Billy over to a shampoo dispenser, gave it a few turns over his head and then did the same for me. I couldn't believe I was just handled by a girl while naked. I covered myself with my hands and found Holly was rubbing the shampoo through my hair. She must have sensed my embarrasment because she said I didn't need to be since she had brothers our ages and she saw them naked many times and bathed them too. Saying that doesn't help of course. It didn't seem to bother Billy at all. He told me later he did have an older sister so he was used to that sort of thing happening. I only have 4 younger brothers. This was new for me.

I was told to rinse off and saw her grab a bar of soap and started to wash Billy's back, then his arms and legs and then his front. I stood there not believing what I was seeing but it was happening. What was even more interesting was that Billy didn't seem bothered by this at all, in fact he looked like he was enjoying it. I also saw his penis become very erect, sticking straight up against his belly. The whole time he was stroking it up and down with his thumb and a couple fingers while she washed him. By the time she was to his upper legs he had his eyes closed and was stroking faster. I suddenly became aware my own penis was hard as a rock and sticking straight out. I never stroked it before like Billy was but I soon found myself copying his movements. I soon discovered what Billy found felt really good.

I watched as Holly rubbed soap on Billy's chest, then his belly and finally Billy moved his hands and allowed Holly to soap his balls and penis. I began to realize this was more than just a woman washing up a boy like my mother did to me a few years before. Holly soaped him up there about a minute, the whole time his eyes were closed, when he let out a high pitched scream and squirmed around a lot. He just sort of crumpled to the floor and sat there with a big grin on his face. I didn't know what an orgasm was but I just saw one. It was a dry orgasm since Billy didn't squirt anything. I'm not sure what I would have thought if he did. I didn't find out about cum for another few months.

Holly then turned to me and asked if I wanted a turn. I wasn't sure right away since I wasn't sure if Billy was hurt or what had happened. But Billy looked at me and just knodded his head to me with a big smile to tell me to go ahead. I just knodded my head with Billy and Holly just started with my back and proceeded as she did with Billy.

I remember that I already felt as though I needed to pee when she washed Billy but I was afraid to say anything. I wanted to go use the toilet but I figured I could hold it till we got to the boys locker room. The urge got worse when she started to soap me up but by then I knew I would have to wait, I wanted to find out what was so great. Besides, Billy didn't pee and I wasn't going to either. I found myself stroking my hard penis even more, uncontrollably in the same way as Billy. Holly finally got to my upper legs and touched my ball sack several times. I couldn't hold that pee much longer. She went to my chest, then belly and finally I had to move my own hand away. Her hand was so much incredibly better. I didn't understand why and when a boy is 12 they don't want to know why but they are just content to know that it is. I knew I didn't need to pee then, this was more than that. I closed my eyes like Billy and let her go. I soon saw stars, sparks, fireworks, but it was more, I felt them streaming through my body. And then, just like that, it was over. I fell down and sat there like Billy did.

I knew life was going to be different from then on. I didn't know what it was but I was going to try this more and, of course, I did.

Holly made us promise to never tell anyone, but not until Billy conned her into taking the top of her swim suit off. Billy tried to get it all the way off but she refused. Just seeing her boobs was more than enough for me. In a minute she sent us over to the boys room, running naked with our suits and the tampons still hidden(I think)in our hands across the pool area without even a dare.

We never got the treatment from Holly again although she did give better feels over our suits during the lessons. I had almost a continuous erection the whole time.

I did convince my mom to let me ride my bike to lessons from then on and let me shower after. Billy and I would linger after all the other boys left and we would soap and jack each other off almost every time. We would often stay until Holly would come in the shower room and chase us off.

Billy and I became good friends even though we were in different grades but we attended the same school. We were disapointed when the lessons were over. He still couldn't swim but I convinced him to take diving lessons with me after school started. The coach wasn't all that friendly and the time didn't let Billy and me to have fun after class without others coming through the shower room. We both quit after a few weeks. We did figure out we could have fun on sleep overs though. It was during our first sleep over that Billy shot cum when we played in his bed.



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